• Toppan Printing launches smart packaging with NFC function
    Toppan Printing launches smart packaging with NFC function Jun 29, 2021
    As we all know ,NFC is kind of wireless short reading distance communication technology and we can use this technology to produce many kinds of nfc products , such as nfc card ,nfc sticker ,nfc wristband ,Ving hotel card ,etc . You can see everywhere now we use nfc products in amusement park , school ,resturant ,hotel ,metro ,logistic ,etc . With more and more applications we use with NFC and they also start to work with smart package industry . Shenzhen ZhiJie IOT Application Co.,Ltd is specializing in different kinds of custom printing smat package nfc label and you also can requested different kinds of nfc chip based on your final applications .All are compliance with our exist nfc reading devices and unique antenna designing is acceptable . Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Toppan Printing”), as a global leader in communications, security, packaging, decorative materials and electronic solutions, integrated the anti-counterfeiting NFC label function into the structure of paper packaging and developed A new type of smart packaging. NFC (Near Field Communication) is a set of wireless communication protocols covered by ISO standards. It complies with Type A, Type B and FeliCa communication protocols, and can be used for communication between contactless smart cards, readers and devices. While maintaining the original packaging design, it also improves safety performance and helps simplify the production process. Toppan Printing has initially designed four conceptual types for this packaging, and will provide customized services that match the needs of customers. RFID, NFC and other ID technologies have been used for product management for some time, and labels using these technologies are usually attached to the surface of product packaging, but this may have a negative impact on the printed pattern or packaging appearance, because The design of such labels and packaging may not be coordinated, and at the same time, additional work will be added due to the need to attach additional labels during the packaging manufacturing process. Another disadvantage is that tags can be reused maliciously, which increases the potential risk of counterfeiting and other fraudulent activities in the supply chain. In order to solve the above-mentioned problems, Toppan Printing has developed a new type of smart packaging that incorporates ID tags into the packaging. The placement of the NFC tag inside the packaging structure can ensure a higher level of safety, and at the same time it can eliminate the traditional manufacturing process of attaching the NFC tag to the packaging, reducing the workload. This innovation will help Toppan Printing accelerate the production of smart packaging that incorporates ID authentication technology, and provide strong support for companies that want to advance the digital transformation (DX) of the production and sales process. The NFC communication circuit built into the package has undergone fragility treatme...
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  • RFID helps us to celebrate like before the COVID-19
    RFID helps us to celebrate like before the COVID-19 Jun 15, 2021
    RFID helps us too much especially during COVID 19 period and contactless touch for everything during our daily life . It is kind of wireless data transmition technology and has mainly three kinds of frequency for many different applications . It can be embeded into as rfid wristband , rfid cards or rfid tags and rfid sticker ,etc . all are passive rfid technology without any battery or outside power for supporting can greatly help us for daily using . Fox example , we take rfid wristband in restaurant , amusement park , wine pub ,music festival we do not take cash for accessing because touching too frequently with different people and easy to infect virus even we surely make good protection . As the United Kingdom relaxes the blockade measures, Liverpool nightclub Circus has launched an event that does not wear a mask and does not need to follow social distancing measures. This event relied on COVID-19 detection before and after the event, with the help of cashless payment technology based on HF RFID , to provide a relatively safe place for the staff and fans participating in the music event. The first trial of a mask-free indoor entertainment activity approved by the British government was held at the Bramley-Moore Dock warehouse in Liverpool from April 31 to May 1. There are 3,000 people participating in this activity every day. They dance, drink, and enjoy music together, with almost no restrictions. It is understood that this event is part of England's Events Research Programme. The purpose of the project is to determine how to safely reopen activities during the epidemic. Most British residents under the age of 40 had not been vaccinated before the day of the Circus event. Therefore, this event took a number of measures, first requiring all ticket holders to be tested for COVID-19 before being allowed to enter the venue. The event organizer prepared hand sanitizers, point-of-sale smart terminals, employee masks and the RFID cashless payment system provided by Event Genius on the spot, eliminating the need for queuing and cash transactions. During the two-night concert, 6000 fans from the Liverpool area watched the performances of several well-known DJs such as Sven Väth, Fatboy Slim and the Blessed Madonna. All ticket buyers and all employees promised to conduct two COVID-19 tests, one before the performance and the other five days after the end of the performance. The test result of those who enter the venue must be negative. Judging from the scene, the performance is more like a concert before 2020, without any social distance, and the participants did not wear masks. However, Reshad Hossenally, Chief Supply Chain Officer of Festicket, the parent company of Event Genius, said everyone wears a purple wristband that stores the money they need to buy drinks all night. . Users buy online and prepay for drinks in the nightclub by credit or debit card. After arriving at the scene, they presented the barcode as proof of the shopping receipt, and ...
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  • The world's leading boutique wine company launches the JCB series with NFC technology
    The world's leading boutique wine company launches the JCB series with NFC technology Jun 15, 2021
    What is NFC and how is related with our daily life ,now it is will be popular and normal for nowadays smart life .NFC ( Near-Field Communication ) is a mainstream wireless technology and developped based on RFID technology with short-range communication between compatible devices .As informaion carrier nfc stickers or nfc tags are fully meeting nfc forum such as below 5 different type and classic nfc chips .They are widely using in many applications such as cashless payment , identification , control access ,virtual nfc business tag ,security traceability ,etc . TYPE TYPE 1 TYPE 2 TYPE 3 TYPE 4 TYPE 5 Standard ISO/IEC 14443A ISO/IEC 14443A ISO/IEC 18092 JIS X 6319-4 FELICA ISO/IEC 14443A ISO/IEC 14443B ISO/IEC 15693 EPROM 96 Byte to 2kB 48 Byte to 2kB 2kB 32kB Highest to 8kB Transmission  speed 106 kbit/s 106 kbit/s 212bit/s ,424bit/s 106bit/s ,212 bit/s ,424 bit/s 26.48kbit/s R&W Read& Rewrite Read& Rewrite Read& Rewrite Read& Rewrite Read& Rewrite Anti-collision NO YES YES YES YES Featured Ics Topaz 512 MIFARE Ultralight® EV1 ,NTAG ® 213/215/216 Felica DESFIRE® 2K/4K/8K NXP ICODE® SLIX Use any smartphone to touch the "JCB by Jean-Charles Boisset" wine bottle to verify product identity, and learn about the characteristics, winemaker, origin, quality and level of the wine in an unprecedented way, and enter the personalized JCB series Experience the journey. In May 2021, Avery Dennison (NYSE: AVY) and SUKU, a supplier of transparency in the supply chain, jointly announced a partnership with Possett Winery, one of the world's leading boutique wine family businesses. By embedding a label solution based on Avery Dennison and SUKU’s NFC (Near Field Communication) technology into the wine label, wine connoisseurs can easily view the detailed information of the wine by tapping the wine label with a smartphone. This includes exclusive content, product stories, food, country of origin, tasting notes, and a message from the winemaker Jean-Charles Boisset (JCB) himself. This technology integrates Avery Dennison's Circus NTAG213 into SUKU Omni's supply chain transparency solution, and it will be introduced to VIP guests in the JCB wine tasting salon. The feedback from these VIPs will help adjust the product launch plan for the summer of 2021. At that time, the technology will be gradually introduced into the wines of Posset Winery. Wine fraud is a "billion-dollar problem", and labeling JCB Passion bottles can effectively solve this problem. In addition, NFC tags can also provide a unique marketing method and the story of the winemaker Jean-Charles Boisset himself. Unlike QR codes or barcodes, NFC tags do not occupy the visible area on the wine label, nor do they need to be scanned in sight or under sufficient light conditions. Now most smart phones have built-in NFC technology. Consumers can start the consumer experience journey through the digital ledger-based verification technology provided by SUKU by simply ho...
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  • UHF RFID opens immersive bookstore experience
    UHF RFID opens immersive bookstore experience May 30, 2021
    Spanish bookseller Ona Llibres opened a new bookstore in the center of Barcelona last year. The purpose is not only to let travelers experience the fun of shopping, but also to let them enjoy an immersive reading experience. They decided to use RFID technology to achieve this goal and enhance the customer experience through automatic access to book content and self-service purchases, while managing their inventory to ensure that the books on the shelves are real. The solution for the new bookstore application is provided by Spanish system integrator Laforja, using Keonn Technology's UHF RFID reader technology. Keonn provides RFID printing and encoding equipment for RFID UHF labels or HF labels applied to books, RFID technical support for customer delivery and information search self-service counters, and handheld readers. Ona Llibres bookstore chain has 50 years of book sales history. The newly opened bookstore focuses on Catalan culture and only offers books in Catalan. It opened last spring. It is reported that the new bookstore is designed to replace the standard store with rows of bookshelves and long lines in front of the checkout counter. The purpose of the design is to hope that this space can focus on improving the customer experience. The new content of the bookstore includes a coffee area, a large-scale art installation featuring the "book tide", and books dedicated to on-site reading. They set up a special area where books are not sold but only on-site browsing. This area also serves as the venue for author lectures, which users can watch in the store or on YouTube. Laforja CEO Eduard Puig said: "Technology plays an important role in Ona Llibres' new bookstore." The main purpose of introducing technology is to manage inventory and provide customers with a "differentiated shopping experience." Keonn co-founder and CEO Ramir De Porrata-Doria explained: "The technology they use to meet all the needs in retail stores is RFID technology." When employees receive books, they use Keonn's AdvanPrint solution to print and encode RFID tags for each book. The unique ID number encoded on each RFID tag is associated with the book title and author specified in the software. Then the label will be affixed to the book. In this way, each book in the bookstore can be uniquely identified. In order to keep the bookstore tidy and beautiful, the number of books displayed by the retailer in the sales place is limited. This means that the inventory in the front store and the rear warehouse must be closely tracked. When a book is sold, the company uses the RFID system to ensure that the missing space is quickly filled where customers are likely to see it. According to Deborata Doria, the store uses Keonn's AdvanCloud software platform to manage the collected data. The software allows catalog management, RFID device management and inventory management. "It's very powerful. In addition, it has a very useful API that allows us to integrate with our customers' syst...
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  • An RFID solution for automatic distribution of medical sterile gloves
    An RFID solution for automatic distribution of medical sterile gloves May 30, 2021
    An RFID solution for automatic distribution of medical sterile gloves An RFID-enabled machine enables medical staff to use ID cards to lean against the equipment and wear appropriate-sized gloves, thereby reducing the risk of infection. In their daily work, nitrile gloves are one of the most commonly used tools for medical staff to ensure that they treat patients without spreading infections. According to a report from Texas Medical Technology, COVID-19 has put new pressure on the systems that access and use these gloves, which has prompted medical companies to seek a more automated, safer, and more economical system. Money solution. Therefore, the company uses RFID technology to establish an automated nitrile glove dispenser system, which can ensure that users do not need to touch anything, and automatically identify gloves of the right size and wear them on the user's hand. According to Ricardo Espejel, the chief technology officer of the company’s Mexican branch iNitrile, the system is called iNitrile and consists of a dispenser. The user can put his hand in and the machine will Help them put on gloves, and the RFID reader located at the front of the machine will ask them for their RFID card . The iNitrile division employs seven engineers to develop solutions for aerospace, automotive and IT applications, and provides medical supplies for hospitals in Mexico and the United States, including surgical gowns, masks, gloves and safety kits. And it mainly produces equipment and small accessories for the medical industry, such as disinfection stations and disinfection drone SaniDrone UAV that sprays disinfection spray for stadium stands and other places. According to the company, hospital employees must disinfect the gloves before touching them, and not touch anything outside of the gloves. Espejel said: “When someone wears gloves, there is often some extra contact. Doctors or nurses may accidentally take more gloves, and the extra gloves will not be usable because this contact may make them unusable. Infected.” According to the company’s statistics, this leads to as much as 30% of the glove wastage. The company's CEO Omri Shafran (Omri Shafran) recalled that in June 2020, the company found that it needed a technical solution to ensure the use of sterile gloves. Therefore, engineers have developed an automatic glove dispenser to reduce the risk of infection transmission and reduce glove waste. The team prototyped, tested, and manufactured the solution in approximately 90 days. Finally, this iNitrile machine was born, and it is planned to be put into mass production in June this year. As far as the medical industry is concerned, the need for quick solutions is the biggest challenge currently facing. Due to the large number of COVID-19 patients, which continues to put pressure on medical staff, hospitals urgently need solutions. The company tested automatic teller machines, food dispensers, beverage dispensers and automatic packaging machines, and fou...
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  • Swedish Transport Administration deploys NFC devices for contactless services
    Swedish Transport Administration deploys NFC devices for contactless services May 30, 2021
    Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (referred to as SL), the Stockholm Transport Agency, Sweden, uses HID Global's Access-IS card reader with built-in Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to launch a contactless payment system throughout Swedish cities. The solution includes the ATR220-TripTick card reader recently developed by HID Global, which is installed at the entrance of the bus door and can be used to obtain payment from a smart phone with a built-in contactless NFC chip , Europay, MasterCard or Visa (EMV) SL green card data. In 2019, SL deployed an Access-IS card reader for a mobile ticketing system based on a two-dimensional barcode for the first time. The solution requires passengers to download the SL application to create a digital wallet account that can be paid automatically and receive a scannable barcode when entering the train or bus system. With the further development of the application, Access-IS has developed a new product that is not only compatible with barcodes, but also compatible with 13.56 MHz NFC tags that comply with the ISO 14443 standard, and non-contact EMV cards. Cliff Hunter, head of transportation and ticket sales at Access-IS, said that the ATR220-TripTick reader was developed to provide transportation departments and cities with more functional options so that they can choose a variety of payments. In this way, simply start a system with a barcode, and then expand to EMV and NFC. The device includes an Ethernet (PoE) connection, which can be wirelessly connected to the server via Wi-Fi or GSM cellular networks, and can be used in conjunction with other Access-IS products. In addition, this set of devices supports mobile phones, tablets, wearable devices, contactless cards and paper receipts to read barcodes or unique ID numbers of NFC tags . SL is responsible for all land public transportation systems in Stockholm city. This municipal company has been serving public transportation customers since it launched the tram in 1915. Today, nearly 800,000 people in Stockholm commute by local trains, buses and subways. The NFC mobile payment system was launched in the city at the beginning of this year. And SL also released a green plastic card-SL Kort card, passengers can use EMV technology to buy season tickets and weekly tickets. As a prepaid account, this card can store up to two tickets so that multiple passengers such as parents and children can use it. SL said that this project is unique. Stockholm is one of the first cities to provide contactless payment systems compatible with NFC, EMV and 2D barcodes. SL chose to deploy its own solutions, design its own software and integrate it into payment services. Hunter said, "Most cities will adopt third-party solution providers. But SL decided to build their own solutions." Stockholm deployed ATR220-TripTick card readers last year, covering 850 card readers or gates at the entrances of car doors, 200 ticket booths and 2,300 buses. To use the system, passengers first downlo...
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  • Apple AirTag's built-in NFC can trigger shortcut commands for automated operation
    Apple AirTag's built-in NFC can trigger shortcut commands for automated operation May 23, 2021
    According to the foreign media iCulture news, Apple AirTag can be used as an NFC tag , through the built-in shortcut command App of the Apple mobile phone, to achieve automatic operation. IT Home understands that NFC refers to "near-field wireless communication technology", and is now widely used in mobile phone bus cards, access control, mobile payment, etc. However, the above functions are customized by the manufacturer, and the NFC tag can be freely customized by the user. You only need to place the mobile phone close to the NFC tag, and you can easily implement various functions that require complex operations that the user has set up. iCulture describes a scenario that uses AirTag's built-in NFC chip to achieve automated operations-automatically open an application. After the configuration is done in advance, you only need to use the back of the iPhone to close the AirTag each time, and the phone can automatically open the application you specify. iCulture also provides a specific process for configuring this automated operation: Open the shortcut instruction App and enter the "Automation" tab. Click "Plus" to add a personal automation. Scroll to the bottom and tap the "NFC" option. Click "Scan", and then press the top of the back of the phone against the white side of the AirTag. Give this label a name. Click "Next". Enter "open application" in the search bar and select it from the list that appears. Select the application you want to open. Click "Next" and close the query before running. Click "Finish" to save the task. iCulture also prompts that you can put multiple tasks into one task, or you can use the same AirTag to create multiple tasks at the same time. Both applications will be opened. The NFC chip built into Apple's AirTag was originally used for lost mode and to view the serial number of the AirTag that unintentionally moved with the user. But also thanks to this, users can now freely set AirTag as various NFC tags to achieve their diversified needs. As we all know Apple's Air Tag has mainly function is location with GPS inside and nfc chip built inside will make them can more popular with nowadays nfc technology for connection wifi ,alarm clock ,social apps or cashless payment ,door control access , hotel key card ,nfc business card sharing through nfc . We also can help you produce nfc epoxy tags with custom printing and serial number ,keyring hole ,etc ,any interested into our rfid or nfc products please feel free to contact us . Statement : Pictures above only show the product ,the intellectual property rights of the logo owned by their trademark .
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  • Octopus will launch a
    Octopus will launch a "dual chip" card to support the national transportation all-in-one card interconnection May 23, 2021
    Octopus card is used for transportation ,dinner and consumption for HongKong local residents and travellers when we arrive HongKong .It is very convenient and reused once you end up moneny can chargable in appointed stores or ATM. The Octopus card is embedded with Sony Felica™ Lite-S ,13.56MHz can be used for any NFC forum type 3 tags or cards solution,compliant with ISO/IEC 18092 protocol .same as passive rfid or nfc cards ,tags or rfid /nfc wristband we've used , can not contact directly and can be read by reader with shorter distance such as 3-5cm . As early as September last year,there was news that the Hong Kong Octopus will be available in mainland China. Now Octopus has announced that they will launch a new Octopus card with a built  in"dual chip", allowing users to hold a card in Hong Kong and China. Mainland use. Li Junming, Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Octopus Holdings Co., Ltd. said that they have seen the Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China unify the transport electronic payment standards of various cities in 2016 and have begun to allow Octopus to participate in the "One Card" system, so that more than 200 locations in the mainland can be used in the future. City use. He also emphasized that the data of the Hong Kong Octopus and the Mainland One Card will not be shared with each other. He said that it is expected to be implemented in phases as soon as the end of this year to the beginning of next year. In the first stage, Hong Kong citizens can purchase or replace a brand new Octopus card (interconnected version). In the future, they can use the Octopus card to take the transportation on the mainland network. In the second phase, the plan will be extended to mobile apps, but the actual operation will be discussed with the mainland, and there is no implementation timetable. In addition, Octopus will also discuss allowing the mainland's all-in-one card to be used in Hong Kong. However, due to the upgrade of the card reader, there is no timetable for this part. In addition to interoperability with mainland China, Octopus will also expand its use in South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Macau and other places by joining the East Asian smart card organization GLOPAS. This newly launch dual frequency rfid cards can help us do not change anytime once we travel new every city and better for save costing also time .It also simple working layout with mostly passive rfid cards , can make true all in one card and internet Of Things . Statement : Pictures above only show the product ,the intellectual property rights of the logo owned by their trademark .
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