Q :What is RFID and how to work we use RFID products . 

A:  RFID (Radio frequency identification) uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track sticker or tags attached to objects .Normally RFID is consists of rfid transponder ,rfid reader and background system .When triggered by an electromagnetic interrogation pulse from a nearby rfid reader device ,the rfid sticker or rfid card ,rfid wristband transmits digital data such as identifying inventory number, back to the reader ,then this number can be used to track inventory goods

Q:How can we get right RFID product 

A:Firstly ,ZhiJie IoT Application Co.,Ltd will integrate IoT enterprise and all provides passive rfid ( it is kind of rfid type without battery or outdoor power supply can work normal ) , secondly ,you will understand your request rfid frequency band or rfid chips , Thirdly ,you will get knowledge and how to use your rfid products for meeting your applications , Finally we can suggest you better solutions or recommend our experienced rfid card , rfid label or rfid wristband for your projects .

Q:What is the different of RFID and NFC 

A: Basically speacking , rfid and nfc will similar technology which will transmit data wireless and without any out-door power supply . Passive rfid includes LF 125-134.2KHz , HF 13.56MHz and UHF 860-960MHz ,it has widely frequency scale and optional in rfid chips for different applications , but NFC is specializing in short safe wireless transaction such as e-payment , e-ticketing or some social networking ,etc ,also only compliant with ISO/IEC 18092 and ISO 14443A/B and ISO 15693 , all will under HF 13.56MHz .

Q:What about your factory certificates 

A: Each year we will hand in our products in third party for lab testing . and we have got newly RoHS and CE certificates for our rfid cards ,rfid label ,rfid wristband ,etc .  It will fully meet European Union requirements in human health and environmental protection policy .

Q: Can we have custom printing or personalization 

A: Yes ,we can provide custom printing services with our factory printing machine , another personalization such as barcode , serial number , magnetic strip ,embossing , hot-stamping ,encoding is available . 

Q:What about ZhiJie IoT Application Co.,Ltd ' rfid products 

A: We have produced rfid products and another printing services more 10 years and have advanced rfid producing equipment and internal lab testing equipment , our rifd products widely use for access control , hotel mangement , laundry industry ,identification , ticketing , amusement park , swimming pool management ,school , security financial management ,transportation and logistic tracking ,etc .

Q:Can we get cheapest or any discount price with ZhiJie IoT 

A: We are committed to produce good performance rfid products and invest large resource in R&D .We are focus on best services and excellent products or solutions . cheapest products can not follow our company business principle and hard to be your loyalty backup for our solid partner relationship . We also will promote in some season for our products with good discounts for our loyalty customers.

Q: How can we get free testing sample from ZhiJie 

A: You can get our store samples for testing normally no printing or fixed rfid chip ,size ,shape . Any custom samples we have to take sample charge and can refund you once quantity reach to our requriment . Except samples , the sample shipping cost also will be in charge from customers or use your own courier collection account (such as DHL ,FedEx ,TNT or UPS ,etc )

Q:What about another special RFID products if we need . 

A: We mainly produce rfid card , nfc sticker , rfid laundry tags , rfid wristband . another rfid products we also can source for you with our reliable supply-chains . In RFID industry , some can produce rfid reader ,some can produce rfid antenna and some produce rfid chips , we also accept custom rfid products with our internal supply-chains for supporting customers' projects .

Q: What kinds of RFID card ZhiJie made 

A: We can provide customer MIFARE® card , DESFire® , ICODE® , NTAG®213/215/216 or another rfid chips cards . they all widely use for hotel keycard or management applications .

Q: Which customers or partner you 've worked or keep working and can you point out detailed project or products .

A: Such as Foxcoon , DreamWorks ,iP2Entertainment ,etc we have served for them or keep working with them . About projects or customers products our company have strictly private policy for protection and can not reveal to any third party without authorization .It also same policy for you when you work with us .

Q:Why your MOQ will higher than anothers 

A: Consider to control labor and material cost , some small quantities order we really hard to produce and cost higher with our factory system . We just can gurantee our products quality in material and technology ,but you want to get cheapest or bargaining based on another suppliers 'lower price  , we really can not meet and hope we can work in any cases in future .All business will follow cooperation and mutual benifits , can not judge products with small factories and without any gurantee once any defects in orders .

Q:How to order to ZhiJie IoT Application Co.,Ltd 

A: Chosing your interested rfid products or similar items , droping your mail with detail such as quantities , frequency , chips (if can have ) , printing or not , applications , shipping address , then we can have professional sales and reply to you with full information and our competitive cost solution . 

Q: Can we pay with Credit Card or bitcoin

A: We can not accept payment via Credit card or bitcoin . normally sample charge or shipping cost we can support with Western Union or Paypal . and mass production charge will pay via TT ( wire transfer from bank ) . It will payment depend on order detail .

Q: Can you help us to design artwork or modify 

A: Normally , we do not provide design services for customer for avoiding any printing mistakes . Our designer can provide paid services and detail charge will depend on customers'idea or drawing .it will better we get artworks from customers and can make sure right in printing and functions for products .

Q: Why you will take charge for us in moulding cost 

A: Some special products or irregular size ,shape products can not produce in normal procedures , it has to use iron moulding to produce and that cost will one-time charge and we can keep this mould for customer at least 3 years or mould damage .

Q: How about custom package services 

A: We can provide custom package services and all extra package material and labor cost will charge for you .

Q: Can you work with trade customers

A: Yes, we can .  You can drop your mail to info@oemrfidfactory.com with detail requriments . We will check and make our good price with solutions for helping your trading business .

Q: What about you factory complicant with social responsibility system 

A: Yes ,we are responsible factory and follow our China government policy in labor and working shift system . 

Q: Can we print some prohibitive or tort artworks , trademark without any authorization 

A: Absolutely not . Any printing is related with famouns or brand patent please also send us authorization or customers letter of authorization ,then we can agree to print or produce for you . We also respect one-China policy and any anti-China or ethnic discrimination artworks we also can not accept to print . hope we also follow business principle and do not mix any political factors into our fair win-win business .

Q: Can you sell chips or raw material 

A: We can not produce rfid chips and material . we are mafacturer in finished products .

Q:How long warranty with your factory products 

A: RFID chips official lifetime will 100 000 times in reading and writting ,  10 years lifetime in standard temperature -20~65℃ . Different covered material and format rfid products will little difference but also can not too much . From our customers'feedback and experience , normally can keep 3~5 years at least in working . Any artificial damage we can not accept and over our standard warranty policy .

Q: How about lead-time for your rfid cards or another rfid products 

A: For rfid card with printing services normally will 9-10 working days ,   5-7 working days for blank rfid cards . detailed production time please discuss with our sales before you place order , we will fix and check if any festival or material shortage effection .

Q:What about your shipping terms 

A: We can support air freight shipping with DHL ,TNT .FedEx ,UPS or another special airlines . door-to- door courier services will arrive after customer finish custom clearance and tax paid .Another sea freight , railway shipping or mixed mode of transport is available .

Q:Why shippment pending and no any process 

A: All shipping will use our cooperated agency forwaders , It does not delivery from directly official courier because it will super expensive directly from DHL or UPS ,etc . So the timing will slowly 1-2 days will ship out together with another package and save cost for you . If you are urgent to need them you can use your own courier collection account or pick up in our warehouse address . 

P.S :If you still have more questions or doubts please feel free to contact us via info@oemrfidfactory.com or add our skype ,wechat .  Whats app in China now seems will slowly for communication and needs to VPN for connection . Thanks for your time and hope we can help you best .

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