• RFID Library Management
    RFID HF/UHF sticker labels for smart library management RFID (radio frequency identification )widely uses for different kinds of application . RFID sticker label also encapsulation with rfid technology for making our darly life smart come true .Tthe use of RFID is unavoidable in challenging environments, dealing with Bulk Stocks like Libraries. RFID Library Management System is used to Automate the Libraries of School,College, Universities / Public Libraries most Effectively & Efficiently. Shenzhen ZhiJie IOT Application Co.,Ltd is committed to develop good performance rfid products and provide better solution for you . Background Comparing with tranditional library books management , bulk of books on shelf and difficult to find even old-age stocks . We have met many problems once we 've used barcode technology and barcode labels on books , barcode scanner need line-of-signt required and waste much time to find books or borrow / return from people . With RFID technology you can easy reduce time and find right boos even easily handle the misplaced or avaid lost books issue ,it can make completely secured library books and database . Undeniable advantages of RFID library Reduce inventory / borrow & return  chekcing time Automating the check-In/Out procoss Replacing barcodes or another words label Prevent theft and loss issues Organize shelfs and identify mis-shelved material 24 hours full day working and tracking automatic
    RFID LIVESTOCK MANAGEMENT Background For increasing intenational trade , stadards will continually be refined  . We have to improve our livestock management with effctive and accurately , thosed stadards have undergone signification adjustment and expansion to ensure that disease and paracties are not brought into new areas ,RFID tags provde a simple and effctive easy way to track the individual medical and breeding history of each animal .  We apply into rfid technology in animal husbandry is a profitable solution can helps farm personnel maintain accurate continuous animas records ,monitor deviations and key indicators of animal development remotely and antomate routine processes . Why we chose RFID technology in livestock management . Comparing with classic accounting systems in livestock management ,  paper documentation for each livestock unit makdes it difficult to take a more or less individual approach to animal care . also identification usually needs to contact close and check written records on the ear tag ,  seems very slowly and inefficiency . with tranditioanal management solution and animals often end up in the wrong locations ,get lost and skip mandatory procedures .If we change nowadays smart management system with RFID technology and obviously can make all are easy and high efficiency . Benifits with RFID-based livestock identification Fast identification of animals up to 10 metres in uhf animal tags Monitoring the location and behavior of animals ,quickly identifying deviations . The relevance of the electronic passport of each animal Automation of processes (such as feed control , health and breeding records ,milking .etc ) Poacher and theft protection Analysis and optimization of the animalcare system How does the system work and how to track animals with RFID The system works by analogy with other RFID identification systems The first step is encoding the rfid tag the next step is to mark the animal to track the movement of an object ,the farmer can uses stationary readers with antennas and an rfid portal,labors can identify the animal and check its complete data with handset reader . RFID reader with antenna can install at animal identification points ,such as in/out gate in farm . Identifiers for animals are RFID tags with unique numbers (rfid ear tags or implants ) Taggers for attaching rfid tags to animals Recording new tags into a common database and linking it to an animal Handset readers for identifying individual livestock units at any given time software tools for integration into control system . Steps for Tagging animals with tools
  • RFID Ticketing Management In Amusement Park
    Background Today , more and more amusement park or theme park uses RFID technology for ticketing and adequate & systematic services .Our tranditional amusement or theme park has many scenes and has to employ lots of staff for patrolling , check-in / out  ,security&protection ,guiding and managerment groups .All ancillary facilities and labor cost will huge number each year and greatly effect the net benifits for park owners or enterprises. It the past 10 years , we also get investigative reports from worldwide amusement or theme parks , more and more parks organization works with RFID technology for saving unneccessary spending and improve theme park's interestingness based on the saving cost ,also reduce many labor disputes and more artificial intelligence for tourists. Since 2013 , Disney started issuing the MagicBand , the parks and attractions industry began to adopt this rfid technology in earnest . Comparing the regular paper tickets in park may seem to be the cheaper option than rfid cards ,rfid paper tickets, rfid wristband ,etc .But it will be more significant advantages and cashless payment even they can resue manytimes , it will save monthly salary for workers and all are automatic access control in rfid  . How to use RFID products with RFID Tiketing Management You can chose many kinds for format rfid products for your theme or amusement park management , normally will rfid cards , rfid tags , rfid sticker , rfid wristband . According to different scenes of your parks , you can use right format rfid products with management system . The working theory will simple and like our magnetic strip card management system . Tourists only need to take one rfid card or wear rfid wristband can check-in /out , consumption , social networking sharing , map guiding ,etc . Of course you can decide which scene will use right rfid frequency band products , normally 13.56Mhz nfc technology will better for all-in-one applications . Benefits of RFID solution in Amusement or Theme Park Seamless entry for tourists Tranditional access control system of theme park will make your tourists wait in long line to buy tickets and then waiting in another line to enter the park it will terrible first impression for them ,especially in festival or summer vacation out-door high temperature sunlight .RFID cards or rfid wristband can speed up this process significantly and helps you to save much operational costs in this process .With using automatic wristband printing machine allows your customers to purcahse their tickets ease and from there , they can enter the park with a simple tap at the access gates . Cashless Operations RFID wristband and cards act as entry tickets as well as payment solutions.Tourists will be able to pay for food ,the park hotel,swimming pool ,beverages and souvenir without having to carry their wallet or bag along.People also can have peace of mind knowing that their belongs are safe in an encryption rfid without any physical k...
  • RFID Hotel Management
    RFID Hotel Managment Background With experience for travelling everywhere , the first important thing we should order comfortable and well-received hotels . We believe that you have got hotel card once you finish check-in or back to them once you check-out .It is simple printed hotel artwork pvc card with magnetic strip backside ,we can use this kind of card for swiping in magnetic hotel locks then can open door .Would you have this kind of experience,once we take the magnetic strip hotel card and no any reaction from locks and some magnetic strips backside has many scratches and can not use anymore then we have to go downstairs and change again,it will terrible impression once we 've so tried after the journey or long distance flight,also big lots for hotel owner and cost too much change new cards frequently.Another terrible we still can not use one card to do something in hotel , such as fitness room , swimming pool , restaurant of hotel ,etc . ASSA ABLOY ,founded in 1994 ,the world famous security&protection locks manufacturer and uses RFID technology for their locks and system.Their rfid VingCard Elsafe® has served hospotality worldwide for many years.The core feature is more safe and wireless tranmit with high efficiency.Comparing the tranditional magnetic strip card,our rfid hotel keycard can work durable and store large data information with long lifetime , as hotel owner you do not change new ones frequently and save too much cost for your benifits even making good impression for guests . Our guests only take one card when we finish check-in and can use them for food , fitness access control , restaurant , cashless payment , all function into one card and will be more convenient . How to work with RFID in Hospitality Management Firstly ,you can ask us to produce your hotel rfid keycar , rfid wristband or rfid tags ,of course each rfid products have unique ID number inside . All kinds of format rfid products can print your own artwokrs or numbering ,barcode . magnetic strip ,etc .  Second , getting all rfid cards or wristbands and read ID number and encod your security code for matching your hospitality management system ( such as Solto ,ASSA ABLOY, HUNE locks system .) , then you can make sure all in one card and use our rifd hotel cards or wristband to consume and without any cash transaction . Each rfid product also has encrypted amd even you lost or damage careless , you can change new one and keep your information safe , someone can not copy or fraund Benifits of RFID in Hotel Solution Improving Check-in /out efficiency Comparing pasted experience for hotel magnetic strip card . we have to wait in long line and swip cards for checking-in and out . especially we just finish long journey or play outside really tired too much and we all hope we can quickly finish check-in or check-out . It will make good impression and high efficiency in morden hospitality management . More Security & Durable Each rfid card or ...
  • RFID Parking Solution for Cars
    RFID Parking for Cars Management Background The traditional packing management always uses short range to swipe card or take the paper ticket for entrance and exit proof , it is focus on charging ,toll and cars ‘ timing for entrance and exit .but it does not consider the packing area ‘s security , operating efficiency and customize for car owners . Such as 1: car owner has to stop driving in order to swipe card or take paper tickets 2: It is easy to car slipping when we swipe card and drive up the ramp or down the ramp 3:It will get wet with your hand when we take ticket or swipe card out of car in raining day 4:It is easy to cause traffic jam in rush hours Car owner stops driving at the front of barrier gate and opens the car window to get packing card after you press the car box button and make card closed to the reader then you can go through the gate .It is seems to simple action but it is arduous for us everyday .Even traditional packing needs several people to manage and causes high cost and low efficiency Overview Working with RFID technology you can make various read & re-write rfid tags even can adjust the reading distance according to the actual application .This system can identify, collect and record the entrance& exit cars information at same time when RFID reader to read RFID tags automatic .It can make sure vehicles automatic identification and informatization management in order to improve the    efficiency and security , reduce the people ‘s working and check all data for cars come in and go out .we can not only keep all functions of  traditional packing management system ,but also improve the managing media base on the previously toll media Concept 1:Cars entrances into the park and camera takes pictures automatic .We can get cars’ model ,licence information and cars’ colour after computer processing and make all information and user card unique match then storing the database together 2:Cars can be released after user card , licence number or vehicle’s image total matching 3:One car one card management model means all cars data will be related with this RFID card ID number , we can unify the user information,vehicle information,licence,car colour,car image parking time from this unique ID.It will easy to check and store and easy to help us to make all data in the same database,such as charging management,park guiding and vehicle identification security monitoring and control subsystem . Solution Procedure: There are many advantages we work with RFID identification system than another ,even the data is  anti-pollution and durable so we use RFID identification into our park management system It will be basic for customer parking or driving away car during we operate the parking management system .Normally we can classify temporary user and long term user .When car enters or drives away the park’s antenna communication area , it will bidirectional data exchange under microwave communication between ante...
  • The Best Deals on the 2016 Best Cars for Families
    The traditional parking management always uses short range to swipe card or take the paper ticket for entrance and exit proof
  • 20KW Solar Power System
    The traditional parking management always uses short range to swipe card or take the paper ticket for entrance and exit proof
  • Material strength testing machine
    The traditional parking management always uses short range to swipe card or take the paper ticket for entrance and exit proof
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