For increasing intenational trade , stadards will continually be refined  . We have to improve our livestock management with effctive and accurately , thosed stadards have undergone signification adjustment and expansion to ensure that disease and paracties are not brought into new areas ,RFID tags provde a simple and effctive easy way to track the individual medical and breeding history of each animal .  We apply into rfid technology in animal husbandry is a profitable solution can helps farm personnel maintain accurate continuous animas records ,monitor deviations and key indicators of animal development remotely and antomate routine processes .

Why we chose RFID technology in livestock management .

Comparing with classic accounting systems in livestock management ,  paper documentation for each livestock unit makdes it difficult to take a more or less individual approach to animal care . also identification usually needs to contact close and check written records on the ear tag ,  seems very slowly and inefficiency . with tranditioanal management solution and animals often end up in the wrong locations ,get lost and skip mandatory procedures .If we change nowadays smart management system with RFID technology and obviously can make all are easy and high efficiency .

Benifits with RFID-based livestock identification

Fast identification of animals up to 10 metres in uhf animal tags

Monitoring the location and behavior of animals ,quickly identifying deviations .

The relevance of the electronic passport of each animal

Automation of processes (such as feed control , health and breeding records ,milking .etc )

Poacher and theft protection

Analysis and optimization of the animalcare system

How does the system work and how to track animals with RFID

The system works by analogy with other RFID identification systems

  • The first step is encoding the rfid tag
  • the next step is to mark the animal
  • to track the movement of an object ,the farmer can uses stationary readers with antennas and an rfid portal,labors can identify the animal and check its complete data with handset reader .
  • RFID reader with antenna can install at animal identification points ,such as in/out gate in farm .
  • Identifiers for animals are RFID tags with unique numbers (rfid ear tags or implants )
  • Taggers for attaching rfid tags to animals
  • Recording new tags into a common database and linking it to an animal
  • Handset readers for identifying individual livestock units at any given time
  • software tools for integration into control system .

Steps for Tagging animals with tools

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