RFID blocking card or RFID skimming card is used for blocking or stopping scanning from another third party who does not have any authorization or wants to steal our rfid chip card important data . It also is kind of 13.56MHz frequency blocking and now more and more modren payment cards havea built in chip that transmitsthe cards's information wirelessly , Our rfid blocking card can active protecive screen and  something like this card contains a jamming device inside that is activated automatically when someone tryies to scan the payment cards in its proximity . At present , we have many optional materials for building rfid blocking cards ,such as aluminum foil ,  blocking chip .etc . We can provide different thickness such as 0.8mm , 0.9mm , 1.0 , 1.5cm .1.6cm  with rfid blocking chip inside and normally blocking distance will 2-3cm each side , customized printing and package are available .

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