RFID Library Management Jan 19, 2021

RFID HF/UHF sticker labels for smart library management

RFID (radio frequency identification )widely uses for different kinds of application . RFID sticker label also encapsulation with rfid technology for making our darly life smart come true .Tthe use of RFID is unavoidable in challenging environments, dealing with Bulk Stocks like Libraries. RFID Library Management System is used to Automate the Libraries of School,College, Universities / Public Libraries most Effectively & Efficiently. Shenzhen ZhiJie IOT Application Co.,Ltd is committed to develop good performance rfid products and provide better solution for you .


Comparing with tranditional library books management , bulk of books on shelf and difficult to find even old-age stocks . We have met many problems once we 've used barcode technology and barcode labels on books , barcode scanner need line-of-signt required and waste much time to find books or borrow / return from people . With RFID technology you can easy reduce time and find right boos even easily handle the misplaced or avaid lost books issue ,it can make completely secured library books and database .

Undeniable advantages of RFID library

Reduce inventory / borrow & return  chekcing time

Automating the check-In/Out procoss

Replacing barcodes or another words label

Prevent theft and loss issues

Organize shelfs and identify mis-shelved material

24 hours full day working and tracking automatic

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