RFID Ticketing Management In Amusement Park Mar 27, 2021

RFID in Amusement Park


Today , more and more amusement park or theme park uses RFID technology for ticketing and adequate & systematic services .Our tranditional amusement or theme park has many scenes and has to employ lots of staff for patrolling , check-in / out  ,security&protection ,guiding and managerment groups .All ancillary facilities and labor cost will huge number each year and greatly effect the net benifits for park owners or enterprises. It the past 10 years , we also get investigative reports from worldwide amusement or theme parks , more and more parks organization works with RFID technology for saving unneccessary spending and improve theme park's interestingness based on the saving cost ,also reduce many labor disputes and more artificial intelligence for tourists. Since 2013 , Disney started issuing the MagicBand , the parks and attractions industry began to adopt this rfid technology in earnest .

Comparing the regular paper tickets in park may seem to be the cheaper option than rfid cards ,rfid paper tickets, rfid wristband ,etc .But it will be more significant advantages and cashless payment even they can resue manytimes , it will save monthly salary for workers and all are automatic access control in rfid  .

How to use RFID products with RFID Tiketing Management

You can chose many kinds for format rfid products for your theme or amusement park management , normally will rfid cards , rfid tags , rfid sticker , rfid wristband . According to different scenes of your parks , you can use right format rfid products with management system . The working theory will simple and like our magnetic strip card management system . Tourists only need to take one rfid card or wear rfid wristband can check-in /out , consumption , social networking sharing , map guiding ,etc . Of course you can decide which scene will use right rfid frequency band products , normally 13.56Mhz nfc technology will better for all-in-one applications .

RFID ticketing for Parks

Benefits of RFID solution in Amusement or Theme Park

Seamless entry for tourists

Tranditional access control system of theme park will make your tourists wait in long line to buy tickets and then waiting in another line to enter the park it will terrible first impression for them ,especially in festival or summer vacation out-door high temperature sunlight .RFID cards or rfid wristband can speed up this process significantly and helps you to save much operational costs in this process .With using automatic wristband printing machine allows your customers to purcahse their tickets ease and from there , they can enter the park with a simple tap at the access gates .

Cashless Operations

RFID wristband and cards act as entry tickets as well as payment solutions.Tourists will be able to pay for food ,the park hotel,swimming pool ,beverages and souvenir without having to carry their wallet or bag along.People also can have peace of mind knowing that their belongs are safe in an encryption rfid without any physical keys .

Non-contact Experience

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and we all need for contactless solutons for keeping people safe .RFID is the better way to go.Our customers can avoid touching surfaces unneccessarily,RFID cards and RFID wristband are ususlly waterproof ,which means they work weel in water parks and normal environments as well .

Improving Security and Control

RFID technology gives you complete control and removes the possibility of theft and fraud.Tourists don't need to worry about their money getting stolen and can focus on having fun,even their rfid cards or rfid wristband is lost or stolen,it can be disabled promptly and new one can be issued.Each rfid card or wristband will data input system and encryption ,somebody can not reuse and get money without any authorization

Enhancing Park Management and Collecting Feedback

Using RFID technology in park,first you can save costs in access control and be committed to raise impression for tourists .On the other hand ,more and more parks have set up "Like" touch in each individual scenic spot,tourist can hand-free and touch with your rfid cards or rfid wristband then all data will back to system.Management can clearly know how to improve scene or facilities for getting more and more "like ", comparing the past paper report collection , it not only saves much time and hard to collect , but also in time and environmental protection and reduce to cut down for trees .

Besides above benifits of RFID solution in amusement or theme park,they also have many and can help park operators,A modern amusement or theme park simply must incorporate RFID technology and tourists have come to expect it .

Would you want to use RFID products such as rfid tickets ,rfid cards or custom rfid wristbands in your own parks , It will not complicated management system just simply like our membership and payment management system and can find easy locally . Just match right frequency and let us know your details project ,then we surely can help you and save too much cost for you . You early reply with information we will highly appreciate . Mail to info@oemrfidfactory.com or contact us with skype:  jimmy.fzj

All-in-one card RFID Parks Solution

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