RFID Hotel Management Mar 28, 2021

RFID Hotel Managment

RFID Hotel Locks Card


With experience for travelling everywhere , the first important thing we should order comfortable and well-received hotels . We believe that you have got hotel card once you finish check-in or back to them once you check-out .It is simple printed hotel artwork pvc card with magnetic strip backside ,we can use this kind of card for swiping in magnetic hotel locks then can open door .Would you have this kind of experience,once we take the magnetic strip hotel card and no any reaction from locks and some magnetic strips backside has many scratches and can not use anymore then we have to go downstairs and change again,it will terrible impression once we 've so tried after the journey or long distance flight,also big lots for hotel owner and cost too much change new cards frequently.Another terrible we still can not use one card to do something in hotel , such as fitness room , swimming pool , restaurant of hotel ,etc .

ASSA ABLOY ,founded in 1994 ,the world famous security&protection locks manufacturer and uses RFID technology for their locks and system.Their rfid VingCard Elsafe® has served hospotality worldwide for many years.The core feature is more safe and wireless tranmit with high efficiency.Comparing the tranditional magnetic strip card,our rfid hotel keycard can work durable and store large data information with long lifetime , as hotel owner you do not change new ones frequently and save too much cost for your benifits even making good impression for guests . Our guests only take one card when we finish check-in and can use them for food , fitness access control , restaurant , cashless payment , all function into one card and will be more convenient .

RFID Card for Hospitality Management

How to work with RFID in Hospitality Management

Firstly ,you can ask us to produce your hotel rfid keycar , rfid wristband or rfid tags ,of course each rfid products have unique ID number inside . All kinds of format rfid products can print your own artwokrs or numbering ,barcode . magnetic strip ,etc .  Second , getting all rfid cards or wristbands and read ID number and encod your security code for matching your hospitality management system ( such as Solto ,ASSA ABLOY, HUNE locks system .) , then you can make sure all in one card and use our rifd hotel cards or wristband to consume and without any cash transaction . Each rfid product also has encrypted amd even you lost or damage careless , you can change new one and keep your information safe , someone can not copy or fraund

Benifits of RFID in Hotel Solution

Improving Check-in /out efficiency

Comparing pasted experience for hotel magnetic strip card . we have to wait in long line and swip cards for checking-in and out . especially we just finish long journey or play outside really tired too much and we all hope we can quickly finish check-in or check-out . It will make good impression and high efficiency in morden hospitality management .

More Security & Durable

Each rfid card or rfid sticker , rfid wristband will embed rfid chip inside . You can chose right chips base on your purpose and we also have 125KHz , 13.56MHz ,860-960MHz frequency band . All rfid chips have unique number inside can not duplicate or change ,it can greatly protect guests private information . People can control their money and no worry to fraund or copy from hackers . It will different with magnetic strip or barcode card , they only small memory for stroing data and easy to copy and damage .Our RFID cards can work in 10 years and read & write about 100 000 times.you can reuse them if any man-made damages .

All in One Card Function and cashless payment with RFID Technology

Using rfid technology in hospitality management ,  you can use one card for door open ,elavtor control ,dinning , gym ,food ,etc . All will transaction wireless and cashless payment , you can not take wallet and bags along .You do not worry about theft or fraud in transaction , because our rfid card also compliant with NFC technology ,it also kind of short distance wireless transmit technology and especially for e-payment with high security .

Various of Format RFID Products for Guests

Considering first good and unique impression , you also can produce rfid keytag , rfid wristband , rfid sticker with custom size ,shape .  Also different kinds of material for them . such as paper rfid hotel card , wooden rfid hotel card or metal rfid hotel card .

How to Know Our RFID Hotel Card Can Work or Not

Normally speaking , 90% hotel keycards or wristbands have encrypted by locks or system suppliers (such as Assa Abloy ,Salto ,Beline ,Safelock ,Disco,Elte ,Digier ,Onity,HUNE ,etc ) ,you can not take any same rfid chip to work with their system if any authorization , So you should get clear for understand which system you are working and details for your hotel rfid chips .Only using right rfid cards can match your exist locks system , will save too much cost and time for your hotel management .

Shenzhen ZhiJie IOT Application Co.,Ltd have more 10 years experience in many kinds of rfid products manufacturing , we welcome our loyalty customers can work with us and make good impression for our esteemed cooperation . Custom artwork printing ,encoding , barcode ,magnetic strip ,hot-stamping is avaibale . More interested into our products please mail to us with info(at)oemrfidfactory.com .you details information can get response at first time .

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