• NFC works for UnoPen Autoinjectors
    NFC works for UnoPen Autoinjectors May 09, 2021
    Schreiner MediPharm is a German-based provider of innovative functional labeling solutions for the global healthcare industry. The company has developed an NFC-Label for Ypsomed's UnoPen™ to help patients combine with SmartPilot™ add-ons to use the device correctly and adhere to their therapy plans as well as receiving interactive guildance and assistance with their treatment. Diabetes patients who depend on insulin therapy for life must use insulin pumps, syringes or insulin pens to inject themselves with important drugs. Ypsomed offers UnoPen™, a set-dose disposable pen for this and other multi-dose treatments. Schreiner MediPharm's NFC-Label serves as the communication interface between the syringe and the electronic pen plug-in called SmartPilot™. This solution includes a smart device that can interactively support patients to use the pen and help them adhere to the treatment plan. Schreiner MediPharm designed a tag with integrated NFC chip for the combination of UnoPen™ and SmartPilot™. With NFC tags, medicines can be automatically identified, authenticated and checked for their expiry date. Through the smart device, the time, date and dose of the injection can be tracked and transmitted to the patient's related smartphone application via Bluetooth. Patients receive interactive guidance during the injection process to help them use the pen correctly in real time, and are informed of inconsistencies, such as deviation from the treatment plan or accidentally attempting to inject twice by themselves. In addition, a temperature monitoring function is integrated, and a warning will be issued if the pen is exposed to critical temperatures during use or storage. The sensor technology is installed in SmartPilot™, and the digitally connected UnoPen™ enables this function. Simply connect the smart device to the pen, without covering the cap, the dose scaling mechanism, and the button that triggers the injection to start the injection. Throughout the injection process, the device has been on the pen. Prior to the launch of this latest solution, Schreiner MediPharm and Ypsomed were the development partners of the YpsoMate® automatic injector SmartPilot™ application project. Andreas Schneider, Director of Innovation and Business Development at Ypsomed, said: "We once again choose Schreiner MediPharm as a partner to provide pharmaceutical customers with the best combination of connected devices and smart NFC tags." This time, the narrow radius of the pen and the small tolerances of the attached equipment posed a special challenge. Another key goal is to automate processing, because the tag integrated NFC chip must have reliable functions from production to patient use. Schreiner MediPharm uses a special design to ensure end-to-end functionality. NFC(Near-Field Communincation) is a set of communication protocols for communication between two electronic devices over a distance of 4cm or less . It offers a low-speed connection with simple steup that can ...
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  • RFID Technology in Tea Anti-counterfeiting
    RFID Technology in Tea Anti-counterfeiting May 05, 2021
    RFID technology in tea anti-counterfeiting As we all know rfid technology now has high speed developping and works with our daliy life .You can see rfid everywhere ,we take bus can show rfid card for payment , in resturant we can order dinner just use our nfc enable phone to touch the rfid or nfc label where on the table , that is amazing and we meet rfid or nfc everyday , it has greatly improve our working efficiency and good impression for this new technology .Today we also will talk another application with rfid technology for tea anti-counterfeiting . Tea is an indispensable drink and drinking tea has become the norm in life as good habit for us . The quality of tea has always been the concern of many tea drinkers. In recent years, the frequent occurrence of tea quality and safety crises has aroused widespread concern among consumers. To ensure the quality and safety of tea products, the products must be traceable. The "tea product safety traceability system" uses automatic data collection technology to uniquely identify and link the management objects of the supply chain links such as the growth, processing, storage and retail of tea raw materials. Once the tea has a safety problem, it can be traced through these signs to accurately narrow the scope of the tea safety problem, find out the link where the problem occurred, and even trace back to the source of tea production. System structure : This system is divided into three main parts: 1: Enterprise product management system. Enterprises can implement standardized identification, recording and query of the information of each traceability control point to realize the information tracking and tracing of the product from planting to sales, and achieve the purpose of accurate early warning of product problems in advance and rapid processing afterwards; 2: Product safety traceability management system. The government supervision department understands the basic status of the production enterprise, product traceability information, raw material sources and product flow; 3: Data exchange platform system. Sellers inquire about tea products' planting areas, fertilizers and medicines, production and processing, and quality security inspections. The world's first RFID "electronic identity" Pu'er tea Whether Pu'er tea is real or not, where the raw materials come from, how many batch numbers are produced, and where it is stored... You can find out the resume of this Pu'er tea in your hands by scanning the information with your smartphone. As early as in the 2013 China (Guangzhou) International Tea Expo, the world's first Pu'er tea with a production history RFID "electronic identity" created by Colorful Yunnan Qingfengxiang Pu'er Tea—Work No.1 attracted everyone's attention. It is understood that the first comprehensive standard for "Colorful Yunnan·Qingfengxiang Pu'er Tea" was also released at the Tea Expo. This standard puts forward higher requirements for the entire industry chain from multiple links...
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  • Tracking source of pork management with RFID anmimals tags
    Tracking source of pork management with RFID anmimals tags Apr 23, 2021
    As we all know , RFID technology is now high-speeding developing and working in different kinds of industries ,It greatly improve our working efficiency and save much cost for managing and tracking ,of course there are many kinds of rfid products such as rfid cards, rfid tags , rfid sticker ,rfid wristband ,special rfid products ,etc .How can we chose right rfid products for our applications will check with our system and reader frequency both . Pork food safety has always been an issue that consumers attach great importance to. However, to ensure that they can purchase food with confidence, pig farms must strictly control from the source, record breeding information in detail, and include breeding information in the circulation link, so as to consume Only in order to realize the traceability of pork source. How to manage pig with RFID technology us . With the country's standardized management of the breeding industry, pigs also have ID cards-electronic ear tags. RFID Electronic ear tags use RFID technology, which has the advantages of encryption and large amount of information storage, and can clearly record the information of pigs throughout their lives, including breeding companies , Breeding environment, vaccine prevention information, feeding time, etc. Pig farms collect and bind pig identity information and activity information through RFID ear identification readers, and record the pig's activity path in real time. For example, when pigs are inoculated for epidemic prevention, ear tags are read through RFID ear tag readers, epidemic prevention registration is performed, and biological files are generated. How can consumers trace the source of pork? The state stipulates that pigs entering the circulation market must have ear tags. Therefore, when pigs enter the slaughter and packaging process, the information in the electronic ear tags is written into the QR code of the food outer packaging during the packaging process. Consumers can use the national food safety traceability platform or mobile phone Scan the code to clearly view the source of pork. Besides above pig rfid tracking management , our rfid animals tags can fit for cow ,poulty ,shepp ,etc . you can chose suitable rfid animal tags bases on different kinds of animals ,it will greatly help you fast identification and monitor growth of livestock and offer the best quality poulty meats for market .Normally this kind of animal tags can work with 13.56MHz HF ,860-960MHz rfid chips according to different requested in reading distance .e-co friendly abs material and durable water-proof can work in outside harsh environment .Shenzhen ZhiJie IOT Application provides many kinds of frequency rfid ear tags for livestock management , any interested and details please feel free to contact us with info@oemrfidfactory.com or visit www.oemrfidfactory.com Statement : Pictures above only show the product ,the intellectual property rights of the logo owned by their trademark .
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  • How does NFC technology change the medical industry
    How does NFC technology change the medical industry Apr 21, 2021
    Shenzhen ZhiJie IOT Application Co.,Ltd is specializing in many kinds of rfid cards , nfc sticker label , rfid wristband , rfid laundry tags ,etc .they are widely using for medical,hospitality industry ,door control access ,identification ,ticketing ,cashless payment , financial security ,etc . With rfid or nfc technology high-speeding developing and more and more applications with rfid or nfc products and working high efficiency . Recently, Avery Dennison Smartrac, PragmatIC Semiconductor and Schreiner MediPharm have cooperated with their respective expertise in their respective fields, and have taken advantage of the powerful functions of NFC technology in the field of smart packaging in the medical industry. The reporter communicated with the representatives of these three companies, learned more details of their cooperation relationship, and discussed the broad prospects of NFC technology in the industry. The struggle between pharmaceutical companies and counterfeiters has always been like an arms race. Concerns about counterfeiting, traceability and other issues, coupled with the recent impact of COVID-19 and the accompanying security concerns, people are increasingly demanding more effective packaging solutions. This is where NFC technology can really play an important role. NFC's communication distance between two electronic devices does not exceed 4 cm, and can be used for secure payment, digital information exchange, and packaging labels. Avery Dennison Smartrac and other three companies have worked together to embed NFC smart tags into daily medical and pharmaceutical products. The goal is not only to provide security requirements such as identity verification and data tamper-proofing, but also to provide consumers with a wide range of benefits, from convenient Re-order to quick-access instruction guides, social interactions, all of which can be done only with a smart phone with NFC function. Cost factor In fact, this is not the only NFC solution on the market. Avery Dennison Smartrac has also been active in this field for a long time. So in a practical sense, how does this particular project promote the application of this technology in the packaging industry? PragmatIC Chief Commercial Officer Alastair Hanlon (Alastair Hanlon) said: "PragmatIC has developed a silicon-free semiconductor chip manufacturing method. We can connect the high-frequency chip to the antenna, and Avery Dennison converts it into a smart label or Inlay, then Schreiner included them in the product label. The advantage of these chips is that they are thin and smart, can be integrated in the package, and the cost is much lower than traditional silicon chips." In actual market applications, the cost factor is particularly important. So far, due to the high price of traditional NFC Inlays and chips, such functions are limited to high-value or high-risk products such as biological products. If the price is lowered, these chips can be embedded in more low-value "daily" ...
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  • Ving RFID Cards work in Hugo Hotel of Manhattan
    Ving RFID Cards work in Hugo Hotel of Manhattan Apr 16, 2021
    An extraordinary smart experience and high work efficiency for hospitality industry According to the Hotel Management report, the Signature RFID guest room door lock system is introduced by the Hugo Hotel in Manhattan in order to bring an extraordinary intelligent experience to guests and also improves work efficiency for hotel staff. The recently opened Manhattan Hugo Hotel has applied VingCard Elsafe’s Signature RFID room door lock system. RFID is developed based on VingCard's patented VISIONLINE wireless network platform. This platform can connect individual electronic door locks and other room equipment and systems through a dedicated server, thus making RFID door locks super convenient and easy to use. "As a new member among the many hotels in Manhattan, we want to shape Hugo into a brand full of modernity and fashion, and at the same time provide customers with the highest level of security and convenience (the application of RFID can achieve this. Concept), so that the hotel can stand out.” said David McManus, general manager of Hugo Hotel. RFID brings a powerful remote-control door lock system solution to Hugo Hotel. Through this system, guests can enter the guest room effortlessly by simply waving the door card next to the radio frequency identification reader. At the same time, RFID can avoid the problem that the magnetic strip of the door card is interfered and the data cannot be read correctly. On the other hand, RFID provides an unparalleled anti-cloning security function through an encryption platform to ensure that the system can reject any unauthorized access that may occur. The Signature RFID door lock system is compatible with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, allowing guests to use their smart phones to directly enter and exit rooms as a key card. The VISIONLINE wireless network platform also eliminates the manual steps of key card encoding, cancellation of key card authorization or checking battery life, which improves the efficiency of hotel staff. At the same time, VISIONLINE's remote bit-by-bit tracking function can track and record the use of the room card, so as to ensure the hotel's control over the safety of its own property, and also provide valuable data references for possible customer disputes. Background introduction: ASSA ABLOY is the world's largest supplier of smart locks and security solutions, and VingCard Elsafe is a brand of ASSA ABLOY. VingCard Elsafe is the world leader in hotel security technology. VingCard can provide a variety of electronic locking system solutions, including traditional magnetic stripe and smart card systems, fully integrated PMS interface software solutions, and global service and support. Elsafe is the first company to provide a series of hotel safety products for small keyboards and card-based models that have obtained UL certification (1037). VingCard Visionline is an online electronic door lock system under ASSA ABLOY Group. Visionline's wireless network equipment mainly ...
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  • BYD NFC mobile phone car key releases first anniversary report
    BYD NFC mobile phone car key releases first anniversary report Apr 13, 2021
    The number of users is 110,1000 and the cumulative number of uses exceeds 10 million ! The first anniversary report of BYD NFC mobile phone car key released In March 2021 , BYD's Dilink mobile phone NFC car key function has been launched for one year .The mobile phone NFC car key function is created from BYD's DiLink smart network system which is based on the full-scenario digital car key ecosystem, this function has provided a new way to unlock their cars while on our way travelling . Some people might say how troublesome it is to take a mechanical keys if you have not experienced the magical charm of mobilephone NFC car keys .But think about it, this is actually like the first step for mankind to land on the moon, although it is only a small step. But the meaning is quite different. BYD's DiLink mobile phone NFC car key allows consumers to see BYD, which is committed to providing users with the ultimate user experience through technological innovation. As of March this year, the number of users of this feature has reached 110,000, and the cumulative frequency of use has exceeded 12 million; it covers 175 mobile phone models, and has supported most mobile phone brands such as Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, realme, and one plus. Its mainstream models; covering 20 types of models, it is already in the leading position in the industry. Data is like a yardstick. It reflects the rain or shine of market acceptance to a large extent. In a year, it can reach such a number, which in itself conveys a message to us-the design of the mobile phone NFC car key represents The future trend of automotive smart entry. From traditional mechanical keys, to remote keys, to keyless entry/start and other functions. The entry/start method of the car is becoming more and more convenient. Although the mobile phone NFC car key does not completely subvert the traditional key form, it makes the entry/start method of the car more convenient. When the smart phone has become a must-have item for everyone, when the items you carry with you are less and less, the mobile phone with NFC function can provide unlocking authentication for the use of the car at any time, without changing the battery, it can be used when it is turned off; no Internet connection , Don’t worry if there is no signal. Moreover, due to the unique encryption of NFC technology, there is no need to worry about being copied to the car key signal by criminals when using this function. BYD's DiLink intelligent network connection system works with major mobile phone manufacturers to create the world's first mobile NFC key platform with the widest coverage of users. Dynamic key two-way authentication can be achieved between mobile phones and cars, ensuring safety and security. Perhaps from the current point of view, the traditional key still has its advantages, but it also exposes many embarrassing pain points. For example, when I went downstairs happily, I found that I didn't bring the car key; the phone without the ...
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  • Utah to pilot NFC and QR code-enabled mobile driving licences
    Utah to pilot NFC and QR code-enabled mobile driving licences Apr 11, 2021
    The US State of Utah is to pilot a mobile driving licence (mDL)that will enable drivers to provide digital proof of their identity ,licence status and age by tapping their mobile device on an NFC reader or by showing a QR code for scanning . Holders of the Utah mDL will be able to use the digital credential in restaurants ,bars ,nightclubs ,liquor stores and other venues requiring age verification, and will be able to choose what personal information is displayed according to the requirements of the person requesting it . This new digital licence will be good helpful for control juveniles and lower the crime date for personal detailed information verification . “Unlike other pilots, Utah will fully utilise the ISO 18013-5 standard for mDL, which provides the benefit of cryptographic proof of identity that prevents forgery and cannot be achieved by simply showing your phone screen to a clerk at a business.” Governent sets up GET Mobile ID app poster or touch point at restaurants ,bars ,nightclubs etc, It can clear to check right and qualified person can enter and track person in order to down the crime rate especially in US more and more minor crimes . They also use RFID technology with nfc or rfid enable mobile phone match with GET Mobile ID apps to work for this function .people can generate their detailed ID into app then link to the rfid chips . you just only need to touch with your mobile at touch point or scanner then can show your ID and get verification . The Utah pilot will initially involve 100 selected participants before rolling out to 10,000 motorists across the state later this year. So we only should take our mobile phone can get verification in somewhere need to show our IDs ,this kind of contactless  rfid technology will change our life and make more convenience .
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  • RoHS Compliant for ZhiJie RFID Products
    RoHS Compliant for ZhiJie RFID Products Mar 25, 2021
    RoHS Compliant for ZhiJie RFID Products Shenzhen ZhiJie IoT Application Co.,Ltd is an integrated IoT enterprise and loated in Shenzhen city of China . We are committed to provide good performance rfid products and better rfid solutions for our worldwide loyalty partners .We have more 10 years experience in rfid industry and manufacturing , advanced rfid producing equipment , professional R&D department and strictly QC procedures . All of our products have strictly from raw material coming and final products shipping out .Each year we will hand in authority with our products such as RFID cards , RFID sticker , RFID wristband ,etc . this year 2021 we also fully pass the RoHS certificates . RoHS is a mandatory standard issued by European Union legislation ,Its full name is " Restriction of Hazardous Substances in electronic and electrical equipment directive" and has been formally implemented on July 1st. 2006 .mainly usedto standardize the material and process standardsof electronic and electrical products. so as to make them more conducive to human health andenvironmental protection .It aims to eliminate lead , mercury ,cadmium ,hexavalent chromium,polybrominated biphenyls (PBDE) in electrical and electronic products,and specifically stipulates that the content of cadmium shouldnot exceed 0.01% , ZhiJie as an enterprise that has social responsibility and environmental protection supporter , we have to control all products with strictly inspection and RoHS compliant . With High-speed developing in RFID industry and around our daily life , we all need green products and enrivonmental protection for different applications with rfid . Our factory has strongly in R&D for new products and keep our business principle , customer first and business second .  we believe that ZhiJie IoT Application Co.Ltd surely your best partners and choice .Any interested products details or inquiries please feel free to contact us .  Thanks for your time and welcome to join with us . In future , Shenzhen ZhiJie IOT Application Co.,Ltd will do highly efforts to improve product mix and always thanks good suggestion from you .Let us win-win together . 
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