• Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID in vehicle manufacturing
    Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID in vehicle manufacturing Feb 08, 2022
    Ford's production plant in Saarlouis is producing car bodies using RFID technology for the Electric Suspension Monorail (EHB) used in the conveying process. This attempt has been successfully carried out and can be extended to other areas of the production plant, and may even become a successful model for the entire company in the future. Transparency and repeatable tracking are becoming more and more important for car manufacturers as the production lines of large car manufacturers are growing faster and more cars need to be built in parallel on the production line. [Overview of Ford's Saarlouis car production plant Flexible production line As an "engine" of economic growth, the Ford company's Saarlouis automobile production plant plays an important role in the economic development of the German state of Saarland. To date, the Saarlouis car production plant has produced 12 million vehicles and the number is still growing. Ford's Saarlouis car factory is one of the most efficient and productive car factories in Europe. Ford is also Saarland's largest provider of jobs. Currently, Ford employs 6,000 people, including jobs at the group's parts suppliers. Currently, 14 suppliers of components are located directly in or near the industrial park in Saarlouis. Ford's Saarlouis car production plant has highly flexible production lines, each producing up to 28 vehicles of five different models. Eighty percent of the cars produced at Ford's Saarlouis car factory are exported to 80 countries around the world. In this way, the company's car exports account for one-third of the total car exports of the Federal Republic of Germany. In Saarland, Ford's cars also sell well: Ford's market share in Saarland is significantly higher than average. ] EHB adopts RFID-controlled delivery of auto body parts In order to effectively control the Electric Suspension Monorail (EHB) that transports car body parts in the production plant, Ford has installed sensor technology devices in the EHB steel structure of the company's production plant in Saarlouis since 2013. RFID device. Dr. Klaus Schmitz, Engineer and Project Leader for Conveying Technology at Ford, said: "For conveying the car body parts, we installed an RFU620 reader for the identification of car body parts in the EHB. Since Ford's production in Saarlouis The factory produces 1,600 cars every day, which will generate a large amount of various data. Therefore, in the future, it is possible for us to deliver parts through EHB for the car body production line and even the EHB installation of the plywood production line, and from the plywood production line. The electronic documentation is seamlessly created through the accessories of the ground conveying technical installations.” In this RFID project, Ford's production plant in Saarlouis was transported by EHB with an identification mark on one of the side walls of the car body. In this way, the RFID chip obtains the relevant information of the 4 kinds of car bodies pr...
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  • Auto parts companies use RFID to improve work efficiency
    Auto parts companies use RFID to improve work efficiency Feb 07, 2022
    Today, the application of RFID helps to speed up the supply chain process. ZF Aftermarket, a mobility technology company that provides autonomous vehicles and electronic mobility systems, has successfully increased the efficiency and productivity of its Itu distribution center in São Paulo, Brazil, by 18 percent using RFID technology. ZF Aftermarket claims that through RFID tags, the company eliminates manual processes and improves the efficiency of the entire supply chain. Everton Silva, head of global operations at ZF Group, said of the results of the RFID application project, "ZF is following the path of the mobile technology leader, looking to find tools that can bring efficiency to aftermarket customers." “So in 2019, we launched the RFID implementation project in the Itu distribution center as an initial pilot of our global RFID project. Currently, 100% of the vehicle clutches sold by ZF Aftermarket are shipped with RFID. This accounts for about 100% of our current sales. 20% of all products." The RFID technology used by ZF is GS1 compliant with the aim of making this project a global strategic initiative. Silva said: “We are using GS1 compliant technology and we have seen an 18% increase in the efficiency of receiving operations. These parts are identified by the company’s clutch manufacturing plant in Araraquara. After integrating these parts and In the receiving process, our efficiency has increased compared to the traditional system.” ZF plans to expand this RFID project beyond the Itu distribution center. “We hope that by 2022, 100% of products can be identified by RFID technology. The idea is to connect the entire supply chain from the factory to the customer. This way the customer can start from the moment the product is received from the technology. Benefit from the fact that there is no need for manual inventory, but automatic identification directly via RFID, which not only saves costs, but also has complete reliability.” ZF wanted to go a step further and connect the entire supply chain to customers, enabling them to manage their inventory to enable automatic product changes and guarantee maximum availability. Silva said: "ZF is very bullish on this project, and Itu Brazil is a pilot for one of our projects with global reach. ZF's idea is to apply RFID to all of its global operations to bring value to customers." Silva also said that before the project started, ZF wanted to find viable solutions for its many types of products. ZF Aftermarket's product portfolio is very broad, from clutches (the first product to implement RFID technology) to brake pads and small products containing large amounts of steel, rubber, brake fluid, etc., all of which require automatic identification. "That's why we were looking for an ally who could develop viable solutions for our different types of products." So Avery Dennison was involved at the beginning of this project. “What makes Avery Dennison different is that it is a global company. We cannot ...
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  • Tesco tests automated checkout store 'GetGo' in UK
    Tesco tests automated checkout store 'GetGo' in UK Feb 07, 2022
    British supermarket Tesco has opened its first self-checkout-free store in central London, allowing customers to shop and pay without scanning products or using checkout features. The move by Tesco follows similar attempts by rivals including Amazon. In early 2021, Amazon opened its first brick-and-mortar store in the UK, combining its own Just Walk Out technology, which uses smartphones, cameras, sensors, RFID and other devices to identify which customer takes which product from the shelf and when. Automatically check out and debit customers' Amazon accounts when they leave the store. The "GetGo" store is Tesco's response to Amazon, Britain's largest retailer. Tesco said that after customers using the Tesco app check in at the store for the first time, they simply take away what they want to buy instead of going to the cashier. The combination of cameras and weight sensors will automatically determine that the customer has purchased. anything and bill them for items directly through the app when they leave the store. Customers receive an electronic receipt on their mobile phone within minutes of leaving the store. In addition, there is a dedicated area for age-restricted products in the store, and it is equipped with a separate exit, where the staff will manually check the identity for verification. Each retail goods has pasted nfc label and people only use their nfc enanble phone to touch or scan then can get price , origin place , date of products showing on thier phone screen and easy to make client to know clearly for purchased goods and details of products , even they can connect with background database and creat link or barcode for checkout without any cash . this technology mixes with nfc (near-field frequency communication) and make life easy and save much more labor cost . People only touch or swip their phone then can finish payment and take their goods out of store .Shenzhen ZhiJie IOT Application Co.,Ltd has produced many kinds of material and size nfc sticker label with your own logo printing ,they all widely are using for retail , parking ,social networks ,identification ,etc . This smaller paper or pet nfc sticker label with logo printing has made of rfid response with antenna , fully compliance with ISO14443A ,ISO14443B or ISO 15693 protocol and 13.56MHz , enough user memory and good working performance make them more and more popular in different kinds of applications . ZhiJie IOT Application Co.,Ltd provides normal nfc sticker and on-metal nfc sticker according to customer different working applications , such as we consider many store or retails goods will metal material and we have to put anti-metal or ferrite layer back of nfc sticker for making them normal and good working . As Tesco's first public GetGo store, the new technology will create a more convenient shopping experience for customers, saving time for those who want to shop on the way home. Kevin Tindall, general manager of Tesco convenience, said: "Tesco continues...
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  • HID launches LinTRAK XS RFID UHF tags for textiles
    HID launches LinTRAK XS RFID UHF tags for textiles Feb 07, 2022
    HID Global®, the leader in secure authentication and RFID tracking solutions, has launched a new product, the LinTRAK XS. This is an ultra-small RFID UHF transponder designed for small textiles. The HID LinTRAK product portfolio includes UHF RFID tags used to identify, track and identify laundry and textile assets in the hospitality, healthcare and commercial industries. HID Global said in a news release that the company has used its LinTRAK UHF RFID tags for cloud management, including an ultra-small form factor option ideal for attaching to small textile products and personal apparel, such as nursing homes and nursing facilities , residential wear and dry cleaning applications . This kind of UHF RFID Tag is made of textile with special designed UHF antenna and chip ,it is able to withstand more than 200 times in industrial washing  ,100% of them were tested by EPC writting and high temperature working .total compliace with EPC Class Gen2 and 18000-6C  , can optional with NXP Ucode 8  ,Ucode 9 ,  ImpinJ Mozar M730 , etc . Shenzhen ZhiJie IOT Application Co.,Ltd has more 10 years in different kinds of rfid products and rfid solution for our worldwide customers , we also have lunched 70x15mm , 75x15mm ,70x10mm , 58x15mm ,etc different kinds of size for your applications and custom size please get in touch with us and discuss more depend on antenna set up and reading testing . All our factory UHF textile laundry tags have passed SGS certificates and good working performance from our cooperated customers worldwide , normally working distance will reach to 3-5 metres depend on handset or table uhf reader even power and reader inside antenna layout . This UHF laudry tag now is widely using in industrial washing ,management of uniforms , hotel bedding ,medical apparel ,military services etc and available worldwide . ZhiJie IOT Application Co.,Ltd hope in the nearly future can launch more and more special and good working performance uhf tags for our loyalty worldwide customers and together for a shared rfid solution . Statement : Pictures above only show the product , the intellectual property rights of the logo owned by their trademark
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  • Harvard Medical School uses RFID to reduce asset inventory time by 75%
    Harvard Medical School uses RFID to reduce asset inventory time by 75% Nov 15, 2021
    Harvard Medical School (HMS) reported that since the launch of the RFID solution to manage its 4,300 assets, the college’s asset inventory time has been reduced by 75%, while at the same time it has more visibility into the location of high-value assets and ensures They can be easily found during government audits. This set of RFID solutions is provided by RadiantRFID, and consists of passive UHF RFID tags affixed to assets, 1128 handheld readers from Technology Solutions (UK) Ltd., and Radiant Web applications for storing and managing data . RFID-based asset management information will be uploaded to the Oracle Fixed Assets (OFA) system of Harvard Medical School. Shenzhen ZhiJie IOT Application Co.,Ltd has produced and provided worldwide customers rfid sticker tag , we are always focus on long term cooperation for rfid tags and provide rifd assets management solutions .more details you can feel free to contact us . Harvard Medical School has approximately 4,300 high-value assets in its 15,000 fixed assets, including servers, incubators, medical freezers, centrifuges, microscopes for DNA research, and thermal cyclers. Jeff DiCiaccio, Director of Strategic Procurement of the Academy, introduced the successful deployment. Nearly half of these assets were purchased with external funds, including government-funded grants and contracts, and the school is responsible for ensuring that these assets are foolproof. To ensure this, Harvard Medical School submits an audit report to Price Waterhouse once a year and conducts an internal asset inventory. Di Qiaggio said: "We must take good care of the assets we use and buy for research." Before deploying RFID, Harvard Medical School used manual labor to perform asset inventory. Usually, each asset is entered into the Oracle Asset Workbench platform and assigned a printed bar code label. Accompanied by fixed asset financial analysts and Di Qiaggio, Research Operations Managers (ROM) carried a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and walked through each department or laboratory to find assets. Each department or laboratory has a unique serial number. Since there is no barcode scanner available, they use their eyes to confirm the data, compare it with the information in the given room on the spreadsheet, and write notes or record the differences. If they encounter any asset tags that are not listed on the spreadsheet, they must look it up in the OFA system on the computer to determine which department these assets belong to. Then manually enter the result of the asset inventory and upload it to OFA. This is not only a very time-consuming process, but it may also cause damage to those high-value assets. For example, the Department of Neurobiology at Harvard Medical School listed more than 800 assets in a 16-page spreadsheet. Di Qiaggio will hold asset meetings with the departmental asset managers, accompany the asset research team through the laboratory and help them with asset inventory. This process takes an average of t...
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  • RFID sticker helps Brazilian fashion brand track goods from factory to store
    RFID sticker helps Brazilian fashion brand track goods from factory to store Nov 15, 2021
    Lado Avesso, a women's fashion brand headquartered in Maringa, Paraná, Brazil, adopted  iTag's  RFID technology this year after a successful test in 2020. Veridiana Silva, IT manager of the fashion brand, said: "With the implementation of RFID, the operation process can be more comprehensively managed and has more flexibility. Today, the use of GS1 standards is arousing customer interest in the use of RFID technology. ." Lado Avesso's original purpose of adopting RFID technology is to simplify the company's delivery and billing process, and to track products in the supply chain. "The reduction in tag costs has made our project feasible. We started testing RFID in early 2020. Until 2021, all of our businesses have begun to use RFID technology for production and billing." According to Veridiana, the most challenging part of project implementation is the operational process, as this requires cooperation with all departments of the company, from cutting, production and development to the final part of the company's revenue. She believes that "the cooperation of the entire company is very important to the success of such a project", and even the stylists have been affected by the new technology. “We can print all labels without the need for external agencies, which has brought changes to warehouse management such as the separation of materials in factional processes. Initially, labels that only used barcodes began to be manufactured in-house, which also required employees to receive training in the new process. " One of the benefits of introducing RFID into the process is to unify the labels used for clothing. Veridiana further explained: "We have maintained the circulation of parts while speeding up the process. Another benefit is the process of checking the internal goods of the faction, which is part of our joint development with iTAG." Lado Avesso has approximately 1,600 direct and indirect employees and approximately 2,000 customers, and sells in more than 1,500 cities in Brazil, with a history of more than 30 years. According to its founder, Lado Avesso is a women's fashion brand, "its main feature is the aesthetic attitude that values women's modern elegance." The brand stands out for the quality of its jeans (the company's flagship product). Over time, the company analyzed the world trends and the consumption profile of the Brazilian market, and expanded the brand's influence to the fashion segment. Veridiana pointed out that the benefits of a comprehensive understanding of inventory bring benefits that extend from the production line, because products receive RFID tags once they are manufactured. Thanks to the good cooperation with iTAG, Lado Avesso's RFID project has been a success and has become a positive experience. "If someone asks me if I will restart the entire RFID deployment process, I will definitely say yes." It greatly reduces labor cost and tracks always under our control , Shenzhen ZhiJie IOT Application Co.,Ltd provid...
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  • How does Adidas use RFID to work in the fitting room?
    How does Adidas use RFID to work in the fitting room? Nov 15, 2021
    Recently, Adidas' first RFID smart fitting store in the Asia-Pacific region officially debuted in Shanghai. It is understood that this is the first RFID store built by Adidas in China and the Asia-Pacific region: With the automatic identification technology of RFID electronic tags, customers can personally feel the magic of RFID smart fitting rooms. Eachproduct ( cloth ,shoes ,hats ..etc ) ,they insert rfid tags ,some are 13.56mhz nfc sticker , some are 860-960mhz uhf sticker or tags according to different applications and reading distance .ZhiJie IOT Application Co.,Ltd with more 10 years rfid sticker label manufacturing experience and can provide different kinds of rfid chips products ,such as rfid label , on-metal or normal rfid tags , rfid wristband ,etc . After the customer enters the fitting room, the clothing will be automatically identified and displayed in the RFID fitting mirror, and different sizes and colors can be changed through human-computer interaction, and the fitting experience can be improved under professional advice, bringing customers a high level Retail innovation and digital service experience. With the increasingly fierce offline competition in the footwear industry, working hard on interactive applications has become a major innovation that businesses focus on. 1-RFID is becoming more and more popular in the field of shoes and clothing In fact, the application of RFID technology in the field of footwear and clothing has a long history. The well-known brands such as Decathlon, Nike, Adidas, Zara, Uniqlo, Hailan Home, etc. have already introduced RFID technology in their operations to improve their design, production, and logistics. The digital level of supply, retail services and other links. With the development of technology and the continuous maturity of scene applications, RFID has been applied in major links such as clothing design and production, warehousing and logistics, terminal retail, and washing services, and has become an important technology to promote the digital transformation of the clothing industry. The introduction of RFID and other digital management methods has not only greatly improved the production and operation efficiency of the footwear industry, but also made the brand's business strategy more flexible. Although the application of RFID in the field of shoes and clothing is not uncommon, most of the active applications are international brands from overseas. They generally have more than ten years of history in the application of RFID and have accumulated a lot of application experience. In this process, RFID has gradually played more value from the simple inventory efficiency improvement from the beginning. In comparison, domestic brands are more cautious in RFID applications. On the one hand, they are subject to the cost of RFID system construction. On the other hand, because of the scarcity of successful cases in the domestic market, brands dare not rush to roll out applications. . However, ...
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  • Managing urban waste recycling with RFID technology in Slovak
    Managing urban waste recycling with RFID technology in Slovak Nov 15, 2021
    Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, plans to optimize its waste management planning and recycling efficiency through IoT solutions. The solution includes RFID technology, which can uniquely identify the trash can and its status and location; it also uses Sensoneo's WatchDog device to manage the truck service, and uses the relevant software platform to automatically capture the tag ID number on each trash can. Sensoneo salesperson and project manager Tomas Vincze (Tomas Vincze) said that the solution can identify where each tag is read, thereby achieving data collection and management, optimizing routes, creating a “pay-as-you-go” system, and ultimately reducing Waste. The project first started with labeling the city’s trash cans and 92 trucks with IoT connections. This summer, Vince reported: “We are trying to digitize this city with a reliable data connection, and we are working hard step by step.” Traditionally, like most cities, Bratislava’s garbage The bins only plan the garbage collection for each street and each block based on the date, not the amount of garbage or the rate of garbage generation. Regardless of whether the garbage is collected at home or not, citizens need to pay a fixed fee for this service. In other words, the truck driver will collect the trash cans according to the schedule, regardless of whether the trash cans are full or almost empty. The existing system cannot specify which trash can is in which location, whether it has been collected, and whether the trash can is full of garbage. This has led to deviations in certain routes and customer service information, "but they are doing their best" to use existing data. Vince pointed out that most cities don't know how many trash cans on a particular street need to be emptied every day. Some people buy trash bins online to store trash, but sanitation workers do not have the time or tools to confirm that each trash bin is authorized and paid. Katarina Rajcanova, Communications Manager of the Bratislava City Government, said that Bratislava plans to deploy a city-wide system to make garbage collection smarter and more efficient. By digitizing garbage collection and capturing service data for each trash can and truck, the city hopes to collect data for every citizen. This means that this system will know which citizens’ trash cans are emptied when, and whether the trash cans contain glass, paper or other recyclable materials. The project was funded by a grant from the European Innovation Council (EIC), which was received by the global waste management solutions company Sensoneo last summer, demonstrating the environmental and economic benefits of large-scale deployment of its solution. The system consists of WatchDog equipment installed on each truck, and the city has applied passive UHF RFID tags to the back of 85,000 residents’ trash cans. Sensoneo provided 1,753 IoT sensors with ultrasonic devices to measure and monitor the level of trash in the entire city's trash cans. The ...
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