RFID Card in Hospitality Industry Apr 11, 2021

Rfid Vingsafe Card Applications

The traditional hotel card we can see just simple printed plastic or paper material with magnetic backside .many people should have this feeling once we have finished long journey exhausted and eager to finish checking-in and having nice sleeping in our room ,but the bad impression happen once our magnetic hotel card can not work with door locks and we have to call hotel reception and change new one for us , we have to wait some mins even some hotels we have to go downstairs for changing cards .It is really too bad for us and we really do not hope this problem happen many times and destroy our good feeling ing journey . Frankly speaking , the hotel owner also does not hope this issue and it will be releated with magnetic card features and can not work long time , this kind of magnetic strip backside has small storage memory , easy to demagnetize and have to buy new ones over and over again within a short time . Nowadays ,more and more hotels or hospitality industry have worked with rfid technology and produce RFID hotel card for their applications , it is kind of contactless touch and working easy ,enough storage memory and all in one function can make our guests be easy to operate and good impression .They can not take wallet or cash then can use their hotel key card to finish all consumption in hotels .

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track sticker or tags attached to objects .Normally RFID system consists of rfid transponder ,radio receiver and transmitter .When triggered by an electromagnetic interrogation pulse from a nearby rfid reader device ,the rfid sticker transmitsdigital data such as identifying inventory number, back to the reader ,then this number can be used to track inventory goods . The rfid sticker is also composedof a protective material that holds the pieces together and shields them from various environmental condications ,For example ,water club or high moist environment typically made from durable flexible plastic ( pvc or pet ) ,and the chip with antenna layer are embedded between the layers of plastic .Our 13.56MHz hf rfid sticker is passive mode and widely used ,as they are smaller and less expensive to implement .It only must be powered up by the RFID reader before it can tranmit data .

Hotel owners can chose their idea format rfid products ,such rfid locks card ,rfid wristband , rfid keyfob , rfid laundry tags ,etc .All will embed rfid chip inside and can work wireless data transmition.for daily checking-in ,dining system ,sport system ,elevator controlling management , we also can use 13.56MHz HF rfid products and that is short reading distance and can protect guests information good intead of long reading distance UHF rfid cards . Most of time we also need to purchase some cards for storing in daily hotel management and it will be stranged we can not work with our hotel lock reader or system , it will be easy to understand just like transporation rfid cards we can not use any one rfid card insteaded . All rfid hotel cards should be encrpted or authorized by locks system provider such as ABBS ALOY Vingcard® Elsafe , SAFELOCK® ,ADEL® ,ONITY® ,HUNE® ,etc . all are famous lock and security system provider worldwide ,you cannot take any card without encyption and work with their system . By now , most of hotel rfid cards we checked and used with NXP Ultralight EV1 chips or NXP MIFARE Classic 1K chip ,it is good working performance and durable after hotels owners use in long time testing .

rfid locks card applications

For getting right hotel card from us , you should scan your hotel card chip details with reader or nfc enable mobile phone .we can check for you with detailed chip structure pictures and know how to help you best  . Shenzhen ZhiJie IOT Application Co.,Ltd is specializing in variously rfid hotel cards , rfid sticker , rfid wristband and rfid laundry tags for our customers more 10 years . We have helped many worldwide hotels owner or hospitality industy with their rfid hotel key card printing and services .Please send us details with your exist hotel card or real samples for testing , we surely we can provide good quality and competitive cost for our long term cooperation relationship .

Hotel Rfid Card Management

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