How to keep your money safe with rfid blocking card Apr 13, 2021

How to keep your money safe with rfid blocking card

Over the past few decades ,we've used bank cards and backside with magnetic strip for storing our information and money, more and more cases happened worldwide people's bank cards were copied and money stolen ,how can protect people's money safe and their bank card ,it is big problem for each country government and security bureaus .

In the 20th century with high development of RFID technology ,more and more banks or financial departments promote rfid chip embeded into our bank card and high security for people 's property,we might see almost bank cards have contact or contactless rfid chip and be compliant with ISO14443A/B protocol,13.56MHz HF frequency.So is was really safe now and no more stolen cases happenend ,absolutely not . because criminals also have decoded some rfid chip and copied our rfid bank cards information with their devices away us some distance we can not note ,even closed to us that is only few secs and all information have copied inside their devices then they can duplicate new rfid bank card with our information for stealling money .It sounds too horrible and it was truth cases around us daily life .

Rfid Blocking Card Factory

So you might say magnetic bank card and rfid bank card both not good enough in protecting our property and against stealling money ,what can we do .Actually , in the past few years ,we also have focused on this issue and research the product for protecting our property and information against scanning .RFID blocking card was similar like our bank card shape and size . it can be classified different thickness according to customers'requested , custom printing , personalization and individual package are available especially for Amazon or Ebay resellers.As we all know , our rfid cards can send signal to reader while they were in the reading distance of rfid reader , reader receives the siginal and record then back to system or back-end deveices ,it just few seconds and our information can be read and revealed. It should big change or revolution when we put on rfid blocking card closed to our rfid bank card , you may find the reader can not read with buzzing with our rfid cards ,it was amazing and has protected our property when our bank cards inside wallet we did not note . Our rfid blocking card would easy to understand the working theory , that was we put rfid blocking chips or rfid signal shielding material inside of cards , it could be created electromagnetic wave to stop our rfid signal to be received by reader ,means it would be blocker between our rfid cards and rfid reader and blocking area will 3cm distance each side whatever you put rfid blocking card top or bottom away your bank cards .

How to work with Rfid Blocking Card13.56Mhz Bank Card Protector

The rfid blocking card or rfid skimming card (rfid bank card protector) also was passive rfid product .It would not need any battery or outer power supply for working .It was working same time while our rfid cards in read scale of rfid reader .Until now we have updated the 3rd generational rfid blocking chip and make them can slim thickness in 0.8mm (another 0.9 ,1.0 ,1.5mm thickness is available ) ,the good working performance and effectual protection function most popular with our USA and Europe countries loyalty customers . Rfid blocking guard card was easy to take with us , you could put them into your wallet according to wallet type could set up 1 or 2pcs will be more safe for you .

How to Put inside Our Wallet with Rfid Guard Card

Of course ,people could say there ware many rfid blocking products in market , such as rfid blocking paper sleeves , rfid blocking wallet , rfid blocking card holders ,etc . That was right and they were around with us , but be honestly , we 've tested many times and working with durable and stable we believe that 13.56MHz rfid blocking cards were your best choice and high security with your property and said good bye to the thief or hacker , at least it was better solution as bank card rfid protector in our daily life .

We sincerely hope we can help you and any interested into our rfid blocker guard card please drop your detailed and contacts . free samples for testing are availble. Contact us

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