What is RFID and NFC Mar 25, 2021

What is RFID and NFC 

What is Rfid and Nfc

RFID (Radio-frequency identification )uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track sticker or tags attached to objects .Normally RFID system consists of rfid transponder ,radio receiver and transmitter .When triggered by an electromagnetic interrogation pulse from a nearby rfid reader device ,the rfid sticker or rfid card ,rfid wristband transmitsdigital data such as identifying inventory number, back to the reader ,then this number can be used to track inventory goods . The rfid product is also composedof a protective material that holds the pieces together and shields them from various environmental conditions ,For example ,water club or high moist environment typically made from durable flexible plastic ( pvc or pet ) ,and the chip with antenna layer are embedded between the layers of plastic. So we can see many kinds of format rfid products, such as rfid sticker , rfid card , rfid wristband ,etc .

RFID Working Theory

RFID is classified active rfid and passive rfid base on power supply system . The different is active rfid needs to pwer supply with battery or outside power supply then can keep working , but our passive rfid can not need any battery or power supply can keep working during the chip lifetime . We mainly manufacture passive rfid products and classify them from frequency band can be 125KHz LF, 13.56MHz HF and 860-960MHz . they are also compliant with ISO 11784/11785 ,  ISO 14443A/B ,ISO 15693 and ISO 18000-6C . According to different frequency band rfid products the longest reading distance can reach to 6 metres .

NFC(Near-Field Communincation) is a set of communication protocols for communication between two electronic devices over a distance of 4cm or less . It offers a low-speed connection with simple steup that can be used to bootstrap more-capable wireless connections ,also describes a technoloqy which canbe usedfor contactless exchange of data over short distance in order to protect data against revealing or any fraud actions . NFC standards cover communications protocols and data exchange fromats and are based on existing RFID(radio-frequency identification ) standards including ISO/IEC 14443 ,ISO/IEC 15693 and Felica . The standards include USI/IEC 18092 and those defined by the NFC forum as below chart :  

Standard  ISO/IEC 14443A ISO/IEC 14443A ISO/IEC 18092 JIS X 6319-4 FELICA ISO/IEC 14443A ISO/IEC 14443B ISO/IEC 15693
EPROM 96 Byte to 2kB 48 Byte to 2kB  2kB 32kB Highest to 8kB
Transmission  speed  106 kbit/s  106 kbit/s  212bit/s ,424bit/s  106bit/s ,212 bit/s ,424 bit/s  26.48kbit/s 
R&W  Read& Rewrite Read& Rewrite Read& Rewrite Read& Rewrite Read& Rewrite
Anti-collision  NO YES  YES  YES  YES
Featured Ics  Topaz 512 MIFARE Ultralight® EV1 ,NTAG ® 213/215/216 Felica  DESFIRE® 2K/4K/8K NXP ICODE® SLIX 

NFC devices also has three modes while we work with them , NFC card emulation , NFC reader/writer and NFC peer-to-peer  . 

NFC Card emulation : such as smartphones to act like smart cards , allowing users to perform tranactions for payment or ticketing . Firstly your smartphone should have NFC enable function.

NFC Reader/writer : NFC enable phone to read information stored on inexpensive NFC tags embedded in lables or smart posters ,keytags ,etc .

NFC Peer-to-Peer : it allows two NFC-enable devices to comminicate with each other to exchange informtion ,such as business card inforamtion , social networking or interested pictures .similar like bluetooth but can not away long distance and lower energy consumption with NFC.

From above knowledge for RFID and NFC , we can clearly understand both they are same technology without any battery or outside power supply can work well . The different should RFID has wide range and includes more frequency band ,protocol for applications . and NFC is only the 13.56MHz frequency band and short range communication wireless ,especially in transaction for payment and ticketing application ,because it will be more attention to make communication safe and lower energy consumption . 

Whatever RFID or NFC , they all newly technology around us and make our life more better and high efficiency . You can esimate your application which technology will better for you and chose right format rfid or nfc products . We are committed to help you provide good performance products and reliable services in rfid or nfc .

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