India's Airlines Use RFID Technology to Manage Emergency Equipment Apr 02, 2022

With the improvement of people's quality of life, taking a flight has become a must for many people. However, in recent years, many airlines around the world have repeatedly caused maintenance tools to be left in the cabin due to carelessness, threatening aviation safety (FOD accidents). How to achieve digital and real-time visual management of aviation operation and maintenance MRO management, and map aircraft life cycle monitoring and preventive management through management tools; Efficiency, capital turnover, operation and maintenance costs, and avoidance of potential safety hazards have all become issues that need to be solved urgently for the high-quality development of the aviation industry.

Recently, India's Vistara Airlines said that it has reached a cooperation with Irish company ASD to deploy radio frequency identification ( RFID ) technology to scan and manage emergency equipment on its aircraft faster, so as to better manage and Prep.

The airline pointed out in the statement that Vistara currently has 49 aircraft - 38 A320, 4 A321neo, 5 B737-800NG and 2 B787-9, before the flight needs to take off, the use of RFID readers can be used in Scanning and inspection of the aircraft can be completed within a few minutes, so as to accurately obtain accurate data and timely information of aircraft emergency equipment. For example, a Boeing 787 passenger aircraft (with 288 life jackets on board) can be equipped with emergency equipment in less than a minute by simply walking down the aisle with a PDA in hand. The statement also said: "Before the use of RFID technology, the inspection of an oxygen generator took an average of 4 man-hours (usually 2 technicians each spend 2 hours), but with RFID technology, it can be easily done within 30 seconds. Finish."

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