Impinj Joins DoseID Alliance to Advance RAIN RFID in Healthcare Feb 22, 2022
On February 14, Impinj, a leading global provider of RAIN RFID and Internet of Things pioneer, announced that the company has joined the DoseID Alliance to expand its focus on the application of RAIN Radio Frequency Identification (RAIN RFID) in healthcare and participate in the development of RAIN The standard for RFID healthcare use.

DoseID is believed to be the first member-driven industry consortium to use RFID technology in healthcare, with representatives from leading pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers and hospitals. Use serialized medicines with RFID tags to support the quality, performance, and interoperability of tagged medicines in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Today, Impinj works with healthcare providers using its RAIN RFID products to provide solutions that improve patient care, reduce costs and increase efficiency through better asset and inventory management and automated systems to ensure patient and staff safety. Solutions built by Impinj are designed to work within existing healthcare settings, support compliance with procedures and regulations, and make the job of caring for patients easier.

"RAIN RFID-based solutions in hospitals and healthcare help organizations focus on caring for their patients. We are excited to join the DoseID Alliance to help advance their healthcare vision," said Megan Brewster, VP of Advanced Technologies at Impinj. "Our RAIN RFID products help healthcare providers operate stably knowing that systems are in place to automate inventory management, track uniforms and linens, simplify patient care and help keep caregivers safe. DoseID enables the healthcare industry to further Standardize the use of RAIN RFID and enable us to continue research and development.

"DoseID is delighted that Impinj has joined our alliance to help advance the use of RFID in healthcare while tracking pharmaceutical products, instruments and supplies and improving outcomes," said DoseID President Tim Kress-Spatz. "We look forward to Impinj sharing its knowledge as we advance the DoseID specification further.

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