How to work out the using problem for IC and ID card internal code May 30, 2021

1. The problems faced by using IC card and ID card internal code.

Users who use IC card ( NXP Mifare® Classic 1K card ) or ID card internal code have this kind of experience:

The amount of cards used is relatively large, and the internal code is duplicated;

The ID card has low security and is easy to be copied;

The internal codes of ID cards and IC cards are garbled, which is inconvenient to manage when applied;

The cost of custom serial number ID card is too high.

So how to deal with these problems?

The internal code of the IC card and 125khs ID card is burned during the production process of the chip chip to make COB through chip bonding, and the COB is made by the antenna welding, lamination, printing and other processes of the card packaging manufacturer. IC card and ID card.

In the whole process, because the order of using wafers cannot be controlled, the internal codes of IC cards/ID cards produced by general card factories are garbled, and there is no rule. This is undoubtedly a nightmare for software that uses internal codes. It is impossible to know the number segment, different batches of customized cards and even duplicate codes. How to solve this problem has always been a problem that plagued software integrators and card manufacturers.

2. ID card/IC card internal code duplication, garbled solution.

How to solve duplicate numbers and garbled characters? In summary, there are the following ways:

1. Solve from the ID card/IC card production process.

A batch of serial numbered wafers are customized through the chip manufacturer, and then the card manufacturer is individually bound and produced. After the cards are produced, they are manually arranged one by one to complete the customization of the serial number card.

Disadvantages: The cost of individual customization and small batch manufacturers to provide customized services is too high, and no one wants to do it. The labor cost of the subsequent time signature process is even more ridiculous. The increased time and labor cost of the entire card production has been far higher than the value of the card itself. In addition, how to make up the number in the absence of a number is a troublesome matter.

2. Find another way and use alternative chips to write cards.

Write the number by replacing the chip to complete the production of serial number ID card/IC card. Generally, ID cards can be replaced by chips such as T5577, EM4305, EM4102, etc. After the production is completed, the corresponding serial number and standard can be written into the software and the reader to be used as an ID card. This way of production and labor costs are greatly saved.

Disadvantages: Because the cost of T5577 card , EM4305 card , EM4200 card and other chips is much higher than the cost of ID chips, the final cost of the card will be much higher than that of ID cards. In addition, with the emergence of ID card duplicators in the market, serial ID cards are faced with being copied at any time, and their security is greatly compromised.

3. Through the equipment, change the IC card application mode to solve.

IC card is an encryptable memory card, and its security is higher than that of ID card, but IC card does not have a corresponding replacement chip, how to realize serial number? The general approach is to write continuous numbers in specific sectors and blocks. The card number is encrypted, and the card number can be read out through a card reader when in use.

Disadvantages: Because the IC card is an encrypted memory card, the development interface of the IC card reader must be integrated into the software used when using it, which requires the software company to complete it through secondary development, which undoubtedly increases the threshold for use. A driver-free plug-and-play serial IC card reader developed by Zhijie IoT Application Co., Ltd. is undoubtedly a better choice.

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