Round Head Closed 125KHz LF RFID Silicone Wristbands

Round Head Closed 125KHz LF RFID Silicone Wristbands are ISO11784/11785 and 125-134.2KHz frequency band rfid wristband.It widely use for swimming pool ,spa clubs ,door control access ,identification ,etc .Round wristband head and closed strap will durable for wearing and waterproof. Customer logo printing , serial number , barcode and optional size are available .Normally 45mm diameter will fit for children , 55mm and 65mm size will fit for women and 74mm diameter will fit for men's wrists

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    Western Union , Paypal , TT bank
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    Yello, white ,red ,orange ,green or customized col
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    14-15 working days
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    EXW ,CFR ,CIF ,etc
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    10 years
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    φ45mm ,55mm ,65mm ,74mm and customized size are available

Product Name: Round Head Closed 125KHz LF RFID Silicone Wristbands

RFID Wristband of ZhiJie Factory

Round head closed 125KHz LF rfid silicone wristbands are fully compliance with ISO11784 and 11785 protocol ,125-134.2KHz frequency band. They are also widely using for door control acecss,identification,spa clubs ,swimming pool management and tickts ,etc .Comparing with 13.56MHz and 860-960MHz frequency rfid wristband , 125Khz rfid silicone wristband almost does not any effect by metal or liquid, so it will stable reading distance and working performance . Customized color printing , engraving logo or numberings, barcode , customized size is available .

Normally ,125~134.2KHz frequency band rfid chips almost will read only function ,such as EM4200 , TK4100 ,etc .They can have unique ID number oof chips can input backstage system management for door control access or identification . Another read and rewritable function 125KHz frequency chips such as T5577 , EM4305 ,EM4450 ,etc they also can have certain memory can store data inside with rfid encoder . Rfid wristband will same as our rfid cards or rfid sticker in function just come out with different material with unique designing for different kinds of applications .Non-toxic and water-proof , chemical resistant and higher temperature resistant can make our rfid wristband work in harsh out-door environment and good working performance .

Description :

Round head closed 125Khz lf rfid silicone wristbands will be fully complain with ISO11784/11785 protocol and 125-134.2Khz ,it will be classified read only and both reading and re-writting functions chips, All our rfid wristband will chose FDA level and e-co friendly silicone material . 


Round Head Closed 125KHz LF RFID Silicone Wristbands




φ55mm  ,44mm,65mm,74mm or customized shape ,size are available  

Surface Finishing

smooth silicone 


Silk screen printing 

Chips Option

Read only : TK4100 , EM4200 ,etc .  Read and writable : T5577 . EM4305 , EM4450 ,etc 


64 bits , 128 bits . 363 bits ,etc 

Reading distance

 3-5cm (depend on reader power and working environment )


Serial number, barcode,  QR code, encoding, etc


 50pcs or 100pcs  into sealed oppbag and bulks in carton


By Express, by air, by sea


Door control access ,event tickets ,social networking ,school ,cashless payment ,swimming pool management , etc .

More Products Reference :

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Read Only 125Khz Rfid Silicone Wristband

Common Size Reference :

It will standard factory common mould ,customized shape and size mould are available . We accept customized drawing and detailed dimiension for double checking and providing feasible solutions .

Round Rfid 125Khz Lf Rfid Wristband

Why to Work with Our NFC Wristbands :

All of our nfc wristband will use high tenacity e-co friendly silicone material and good performance during harsh environment , smooth surface and clear printing artwork for customers will most popular with our loyalty customers . Various of rfid chips and optional size , customized mould designing will be good advantage and outstanding from different kinds of manufacturers .

Why to chose with our rfid wristband

Applications :

Round head closed 125KHz Rfid wristband will widely uses for payment ,social networking , healthcare ,events .swimming pool management , resort hotel management ,etc

Nfc Wristband Applications

Additional Crafts for Sticker:  

Laser engrave barcode , seerial number ,encoding , silk screen printing , epoxy ,etc .

Nfc Wristband Crafts

Package & Shipping Term 

We support customer requested shipping term and below specification package will our standard information for reference , final package will depend on certain quantities and size ,shape or another card crafts make right  package and carton size .  Customized package requested is available .

Normally our silicone nfc wristband will 50pcs or 100pcs per seal oppbags then 500pcs or 1000pcs into carton . Customized shape and size wristbands will provide package details before shipping and hope can good understanding each other .

For shipping we support customers remote pick up goods from our factory with DHL ,UPS , TNT or FedEx collection corrier acfount or shipping with our cooperated agency forwarder is available .

Nfc Wristband Package and Shipping

Statement : Pictures above only show the product ,the intellectual property rights of the logo owned by their trademark .

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