HF I Code Slix 15mm Round Heat Resistant PPS RFID Tag

HF I-code Slix 15mm Round Heat Resistant PPS RFID Tag is made of PPS and heat-resistant vinyl material with optional RFID chips .Around the antenna and rfid chip we make epoxy filling and fix rfid part can not shake and can work durable . They widely use in laundry procedures ,fire-proof suit management , electrical equipment tracking ,etc . Normal working temperature is﹣20℃~65℃, for special working environment such as -10℃~100℃ (14°F /212°F ) can work each 30mins and 200 cycles , high temperature 100℃(212°F) can store over 1000 hours  , -10℃~140℃ (14°F/284°F) can work each 30mins and 100 cycles .storing under 140℃(284°F) will 200 hours .They all follow IP67 level and water proof ,dust proof ,moisture proof ,etc.Another rfid frequency chips are available .This type is make 2 holes in 2mm diamater and 15mm diameter whole size ,13.56Mhz  I Code SLIX also NFC forum type 5 and meet NFC applications with enable nfc devices .

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  • Lead Time:

    9-10 working days
  • Chip:

    I Code SLI-X
  • Material:

    PPS with heat-resistant vinly
  • Working Temperature:

  • Lifetime:

    200 cycles in -10~100℃ , 100 cycles in -10~140℃
  • Dimension:

    15mm diameter with 2mm holes

Product Name :HF I Code Slix 15mm Round Heat Resistant PPS RFID Tag

Available PPS NFC Tags

15mm round pps Icode Slix pps rfid tag is created by harsh high temperature working environment . PPS material has good heat-resistant feature and enough sturdy and durable,epoxy filling inside can make antenna and rfid chip good protection and water proof ,dust proof .Various of size and high temperature working environment make them widely use in laundry processing , electrical equipment tracking ,water pool management , fire -proof suit management .etc . 13.56MHz ISO 14443A/B and ISO 15693 nfc chips or 860-960MHz rfid chips are available . Have tested and feedback from customers ,all PPS heat-resistant rfid tags can work during  -10℃~100℃ 200 cycle and -10℃~140℃ and 100 cycle each in 30mins , above 180~200℃ can bear in 10-15 secs. Normal black color and detailed requriments please send us mail as soon as your possible .

NFC(Near field communication) ,it is kind of technology that allows wireless communication of electronic equipemtn over short disstances ,normally they can classify 5 types as below chart .NFC also belong RFID technology under 13.56MHz and define short reading distance for high security in cashless payment , data protection in shorter wireless transmit in different NFC enable devices and our 15mm diameter  I CODE SLIX PPS Rfid Tag will belong NFC forum type 5 and can work and fully compatible with different kinds if 13.56MHz NFC enable devices .

Standard  ISO/IEC 14443A ISO/IEC 14443A ISO/IEC 18092 JIS X 6319-4 FELICA ISO/IEC 14443A ISO/IEC 14443B ISO/IEC 15693
EPROM 96 Byte to 2kB 48 Byte to 2kB  2kB 32kB Highest to 8kB
Transmission  speed  106 kbit/s  106 kbit/s  212bit/s ,424bit/s  106bit/s ,212 bit/s ,424 bit/s  26.48kbit/s 
R&W  Read& Rewrite Read& Rewrite Read& Rewrite Read& Rewrite Read& Rewrite
Anti-collision  NO YES  YES  YES  YES
Featured Ics  Topaz 512 Ultralight EV1 , NT213/215/216 Felica  DESFIRE  2K/4K/8K I CODE  SLIX

NFC Working Mode :

Normally we can classify 3 type working model for NFC tags ,such as reader/writer mode  ,peer-to-peer mode and card emulation mode . all working modes base on 13,56MHz nfc technology and shorter wireless data transmit .

NFC Working Modes

Description :

15mm I CODE SLIX PPS Rfid Tags are will fully complain with  ISO 15693 protocol .


HF I Code Slix 15mm Round Heat Resistant PPS RFID Tag




Diameter 15mm ,3mm thickness and 2 holes with 2 mm diameter . Customized shape and size are available 

Surface Finishing



Engrave laser 

Chips Option

I -CODE  SLIX  , NTag213/215/216 and MF 1K are available 


EEPROM :1024bits and User 896 bits.  64 bits UID 

Reading distance

3-8 cm (depend on reader power and working environment )


laser serial number, encoding .etc 


bulk in oppbag then in master box .


By Express, by air, by sea


Industrial washing, Management of uniforms,Medical apparel management,Military clothing management,Personnel patrol management ,fire-proof suit management , laundry etc .

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13.56MHz NFC Tag Heat-resistant

Dimension and Structure of Heat-resistant PPS NFC Tags:

15mm PPS RFID Tag Dimension

15mm PPS ICODE SLIX Tag Structure

Advantage :

RFID Flip-Chip machines of ZhiJie

Shenzhen ZhiJie IOT Application Co.,Ltd was exprienced rfid products manufacturers China since 2010 ,  we can help you to produce different kinds of frequency rfid products with 125KHz , 13.56MHz and 860-960MHz passive rfid chip . In our factory we have rfid card workshop ,  rfid label sticker workshop and some additional crafts card making department such as embossing , magnetic strip , encoding , hot-stamping , barcode ,QC and laboratory testing department .  Now we have more 12 sets flip-chip machines and winding antenna machines for meeting large quantities projects for you . Except RFID or NFC cards we also provide our customers keyfobs,high temperature resistant tags , metal card or tags .etc . Reliable and good faith are our business principle for worldwide customers . 

Our advantage as below :

1:ISO size and controlled tollerance in card producing .

2:Excellent printing in plastic rfid card , rfid label or paper rfid cards .  

3:Strictly in QC procedures and laboratory testing for keeping stablely feature of rfid products 

4: Stablely production time and quanlity gurantee for you 

5: RoHS certification and in-time response 

RFID laboratory testing machines

Memory organization

The 1024 bit EEPROM memory is divided into 32 blocks. A block is the smallest access  unit. Each block consists of 4 bytes (1 block = 32 bits). Bit 0 in each byte represents the  least significant bit (LSB) and bit 7 the most significant bit (MSB), respectively.

The memory is divided into 2 parts:

Configuration area

Within this part of the memory all required information is stored, such as UID, write  protection, access control information, passwords, AFI and EAS. This memory area  cannot be directly accessed.

User memory

Within the 896 bit memory area the user data are stored. Direct read/write access to  this part of the memory is possible depending on the related write protection conditions.


Byte 0

Byte 1

Byte 2

Byte 3


 Configuration area   for  internal use


       User memory:  28 blocks,

 4 bytes each,

112 bytes in total.











Blocks 0 to 27 can be addressed with read and write commands only.

Applications :

Heat-resistant PPS Rfid Tags are widely use for hotel bed-sheets management , laundry or washing shops and industry washing texties tacking ,etc .They have high sensitivity and with NFC technology Shenzhen ZhiJie IOT Application Co,Ltd provide different kinds of rfid laundry tags for worldwide customers in laundry industry and tracking applications .

PPS rfid tag applications

Package & Shipping Term 

We support customer requested shipping term and below specification package will our standard information for reference , final package will depend on certain quantities and size ,shape or another card crafts make right  package and carton size .  Customized package requested is available .

For shipping we support customers remote pick up goods from our factory with DHL ,UPS , TNT or FedEx collection corrier acfount or shipping with our cooperated agency forwarder is available .

PPS rfid tag package and shipping

Statement : Pictures above only show the product ,the intellectual property rights of the logo owned by their trademark .

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